On the way to Magadan’ is published in Greek

The Greek version of the book by an ex-prisoner and anarchist Ihar Alinevich was published by “Solidarity Fund for prisoners and persecuted militants”. Solidarity fund is a nationwide structure consisting of individual assemblies in various towns, with initial target the consistent and constant support of those persecuted or imprisoned for their subversive actions and their participation in the social struggles. All these years of its existence the Solidarity Fund, besides financial support, also organizes political interventions with events, book presentations, publications and translations of books or texts of prisoners. In this context, the book “On the Way to Magadan” was translated from an imprisoned Greek comrade and published from S.F. The proceeds from this book are given for the financial support of political prisoners and persecuted militants.

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Belarusian anarchist Ihar Alinevich was arrested on the 28th of November 2010 at Moscow by plaincloth cops and was transported illegally to Minsk in KGB prison. He was prosecuted for a variety of actions and was sentenced to 8 years of colony along with his comrades Mikalai Dziadok and Aliaksandr Franskevich.

The book “On the Way to Magadan” reflects what is happening in modern Belarus. It is about the choice that one has to make between life and death, freedom and imprisonment, conscience and betrayal. Whatever happened to Ihar, it happened in real life in the 21st century, in a “civilized” European country, before and after the 2010 presidential election. The book “On the Way to Magadan” is Belarus without censorship.

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