Roman K. – released

Roman K. is an antifascist from Brest. Detained in August 2017 on charges of possession of explosive substances (art. 295.2).

At the end of May 2017 there was a banned drop in Brest. The banner read ‘Where is our salary of $500?’ referring to the promises that the president gives all the time. Before the Independence Day (July 3) Brest police made a few raids and found gunpowder, nails and wires at Roman’s flat. All this was seized and sent for examination. Roman also had to pay a fine for the banner drop, which he paid in the summer. At the beginning of August there was another search in his house, but nothing was found. The next day he was arrested at work on charges of possession of explosive substances.

Released on October 22, 2017 after having been sentenced to 2 months of arrest.

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