On this page you can find information how to donate to ABC-Belarus activities

Paypal and credit cards

Bitcoin: bc1qjcjywtlvujpxfefarna8k6drta63vlpanrd50d

Bank transactions within EU:

Account: UGMR
IBAN: DE57 4306 0967 1216 4248 00
Note: Spende Belarus

This list is not final and will be updated with new possibilities from now on. We will notify you on the main page about new means of donations.

Please notify us through email about your transaction so we can confirm it and avoid any money loss. Thank you for your support of ABC activity and our comrades in prisons.

Details of contact information can be found at  “About us” page, including our pgp key.

Order our distro from Black Mosquito to add some money to our fund.

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