Piotr Ryabov is deported and banned from visiting Belarus for 10 years

On October 16, 2017, at about 9 pm Piotr Ryabov was released from Baranovichi IVS (Temporary detention facility) in Belarus and put under escort on a train to Smolensk, Russia. Department for citizenship and migration of the local militia decided to deport Ryabov and a ban an entry to Belarus for 10 years.

It is also reported that at the station Baranovichi police arrested local human rights activist Alexander Voyteshik, who accompanied Ryabov. A reason could be that Voyteshik videotaped cops, who escorted Ryabov.

We want to remind that Russian philosopher, professor, historian and anarchist Piotr Ryabov was detained in Baranovichi on October 11 after the lecture “Informal movement of Belarus 1991-2010” and sentenced to 6 days in prison for “dissemination of extremist materials”. At 9th October riot police attacked Ryabov lecture in Grodno and didn’t allow to hold it.


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