Belarusian prisoners’ news. January 2015

January 13 was officially the last day of investigation of the new case against Mikalai Dziadok. It lasted 2 months – they needed this long to investigate the alleged disobedience to lawful demands of the prison authorities. However, it turned out, that the investigator has questioned only the prison stuff, not a single cell-mate of Mikalai has been interrogated, who could comment on many facts. After a few days the prosecutor returned the case for further inquiry. Thus, the trial is postponed indefinitely. Meanwhile, Mikalai’s previous term runs out in a month. It’s highly probable that this protraction is done deliberately, to exhaust the prisoner and his relatives, and then to try him during his last days in prison.

Jauhen Vas’kovich plans long-term meeting with parents in early February. Meanwhile, relatives and friends sent him several parcels with neсessary things. In November political prisoner transferred from prison to colony. In the new place he has right for three short and two long meetings per year. In December, he already had one short meeting with parents.

Artsiom Prakapenka received many congratulations with New Year. In February, he may meet with parents.

Brest antifashist Dzmitry Zvan’ko, sentenced to 5 years of prison for a fight with neonazis, got his sentence commuted by 1 year as a result of amnesty 2014. It became possible because his friends and relatives paid off the fine of 3000 euro to the injured neonazi. Dzmitry is grateful for this support.

Now he is back to the penal colony after having been transferred from a pre-trial facility, where he had been kept due to the reopening of the case.

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