News from Lukashenko’s prison cells, May 2022

On 1 May in Brno (Czech Republic) a premiere of the play “On the Way to Magadan: Don’t Believe, Don’t Be Afraid, Don’t Ask” took place (the image shows a scene from the play) based on the book by the Belarusian anarchist Ihar Alinevich, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year. The Divadlo 3+KK theatre company will transfer the proceeds from the tickets to ABC-Belarus.

The letters addressed to Mikalai Dziadok are demonstratively destroyed in front of him, the whole process is video-recorded. Mikalai believes that the prison guards hope to piss him off and provoke him into fighting in order to put him in the punishment cell once again. This situation has not changed for months.

The trial of the “international criminal anarchist organisation” has been going on in camera throughout May. Since all the lawyers cannot share information on the case, the trial details are unknown.

ABC-Belarus needs urgent financial support to cover the expenses of the case. Donate here

Mikita Jemialjanau has spent 122 days (in the last five months) in a punishment cell for refusing to clean the exercise yard. His health deteriorated as a result of this; his joints began to ache badly. The medical parcel sent by his relatives was not given to him. He only receives letters from his family.

Anarchists Jauhen Rubashka, Artsiom D. Salavej and Artsiom S. Salavej were transferred to ST-4 in Mogilev.
They were convicted in the “Pramen case” to 4.5 and 5 years of imprisonment.
New address for letters:
ST-4, ul. Krupskoy 99A, Mogilev, 212011.
Rubashko Evgeny Aleksandrovich
Solovey Artem Dmitrievich
Solovey Artem Sergeevich

Aliaksandr Bialou, also sentenced to 5 years in prison in the Pramen case, was transferred to a remand prison in Baranovichi.
The address is now:
SIZO-6, 225413, Baranovichi, ul. Brestskaya, 258-B
Belov Aleksandr Andreevich

Dzmitry Dubouski was transferred to a correctional facility.
IK-3, Vitebskaya obl., Vitebsky r-n, Vitba, 211300
Dubovsky Dmitry Nikolaevich.

Ihar Alinevich was escorted to the penitentiary No. 20.
IK-20, Gomelskaya obl., Mozyrski r-n, 247755, Mikhalkovskiy s/s, 70.
Olinevich Igor Vladimirovich

Siarhei Ramanau arrived in correctional facility 11:
IK-11, Grodnenskaya obl, Volkovyski r-n,
ul. Rokossovskogo 118 , Volkovysk, 231900.
Romanov Sergey Aleksandrovich

Dzmitry Rezanovich was escorted to correctional facility 22.
IK-22, Brestskaya obl, Ivatsevichski r-n,
225295, Domanovo, a/ya 20
Rezanovich Dmitry Grigorievich

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