Solidarity with Critical Mass Minsk from Dresden

On Friday May 27 a group of anarchists from Dresden took part in monthly Critical Mass event in our city to show the solidarity with the people facing repression for the same activity in Minsk. We went with posters “Я тоже критическая масса” and “Ich bin auch Critical Mass” through the city to inform people about the situation happening Belarus. Leaflets were given away to participants of the action and people passing by.

With this action we wanna show our support to what people in Minsk are doing. It doesn’t matter where activists of critical mass stand – we are staying together against the destruction of our cities with car centered city development. We promote the ecologically friendly alternatives of traffic and raise the question of how to organize public space! But on top of that we also stand together against capitalism that has no interest in maintaining the liveable atmosphere in the cities and exploits not only people but also nature.

Solidarity with Critical Mass Belarus!
No cops, no masters, No red lights!







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