Czech Republic: repressions go on, Prague squat evicted

cibulka-se-nevzdávaToday police evicted the Prague only squatted place Cibulka. In a massive raid 200 cops with water-cannon and even helicopter arrested at least 12 people, at least 4 people were injured. There were around 50 people presented in the place when police came, most of them left the premises voluntarily. Four people occupied the roof but were forcibly removed. It is still unclear what exactly happened as police closed the whole area around. At least four people are in hospital now. At least 12 people are being held.

Cibulka was occupied by squatters two years ago. Soon they managed to sign an agreement with the owner, semi-public company Autoklub. For two years it was used legally, but that did not prevented police from raiding the place several times. Last month the contract was recalled by the owner. Yesterday evening the owner made formal complain to police, today the place was evicted. It is unprecedented speed of police work in the country where it is usual to wait 8 or more years for court verdict and generally justice system is very slow and ineffective.

Police operation “Phoenix” against anarchists in Czechia continues. Police have just announced that 3 people being held in custody were accused of terrorism. According Czech law the minimum penalty for this crime is 12 years and it is one of the very few crimes with possible life sentence. Two other people are accused of not reporting this crime and last two of illegal arming (police reported they found explosive time device made of steel tube). The case is apparently very serious. Terrorism charge give the police some extra power and rights.

Other people arrested are being investigated for “supporting the movement seeking to violate human rights and freedom,” which is a crime designated for use against hate movements.

Police release this story to public: those accused planned attack on the train with Hyundai cars with Molotovs. Two of them should have obtain the “explosives,” two others should actually attack the train, the last three should work as scouts. The attack should have took place last November but never happened for unknown reason, possible just delayed. All of them belong to “Conspiracy Cell Of Fire.” All people were under surveillance at least since last September.

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