Belarusian prisoners’ news. April 2015.

Jauhen Vas’kovich met in colony with his mother and grandmother. As his mother said, her son looks better than before. He sends greetings to all. Parents carried him food parcel, hygiene and Bible. Next meeting with parents is planned in August.

Artsiom Prakapenka wrote a petition for pardon, but power refused him. As his parents said, political prisoner wrote a petition for pardon to the president of Belarus by their request in February of this year. In the middle of April he called his parents and said that he was introduced to commission’s answer which contained refuse without explanation.

Dmitry Steshenko is still in Brest jail because of reopened case concerning fight with right-wing hooligans on 8th of May 2013. His lawyer said that Dima is not cooperating with the investigation and doesn’t give any evidence against two other detainees in this case. Dmitry transferred to Brest jail in early April. In the end of April his term for another episode will be over. In summer 2012 he was supposed to threat with a knife some neo-fascists.

Bogdan Roman arrested on the 1rst of April this year and placed into pretrial detention center in Brest. He is suspected of participation in fight with neo-nazis on the 8th of 2013 in Brest. He is entered case under art. 339 part 3. It means group hooliganism with weapons caused injures which shall be punished by restraint of freedom from three to five years or imprisonment from three to ten years. Moreover he is entered case under art. 147 part 2. It means bodily harm made by group which shall be punished by imprisonment from five to fifteen years.

There is another suspect in this case. He is also placed into pretrial detention center in Brest. His name is not known. Proposed he is entered case under same articles as Bogdan Roman.

On April 30 a hearing on the appeal by Mikalai Dziadok took place in Mogilev regional court. The sentence of one year of high-security penitentiary which was delivered on February 26 this year shall be upheld. In the following weeks the anarchist will be transferred to a penal colony. We will announce the new address as soon as it becomes known.
While waiting for the sentence to come into legal force Mikalai got an opportunity to have visits from his relatives and receive food and books parcels, which has considerably solaced his prison routine. At the same time he notes the decrease of letters from friends and comrades, and urges people to write him more often.

Ihar Alinevich has been deprived of two food parcels in the first four months of the year. The letters are coming late all the time, many of them don’t reach the recipients.

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