Belarusian prisoners’ news. November 2013

Wall_and_treesIhar Alinevich works  as a handyman but doens’t receive his salary, says his father. Ihar has to pay off the damage to the property inflicted by the direct actions, he doesn’t admit his guilt and it most probably the earned money are taken away from him. Ihar is able to buy products in prison shop using only 20 euros. Usually he buys vegetables, fruits (if available), condensed milk, some canned food and hygiene products.

After a long period Yauhen Vas’kovich has managed to call home. His mother said that their converstaion lasted for twenty minutes. Before that they had shorter calls because allegedly the prison phone was broken.
She says that Yauhen is feeling fine. He reads newspapers and books and doesn’t complain about health. On the phone he also said that it is warm in prison and everyone is wearing T-shirts. Relatives are preparing books for Yauhen. They are also waiting for another meeting with in January.
Mikalai Dziadok ends up in a punishment  cell almost every month. In September he spent there 10 days, in October – 5. He also lost another tooth. All in all he lost 2 teeth in 3 years. In general everything is fine. Parents are preparing new books for him.
Parents of Artsiom Prakapenka shortly visited their sun in the colony.
“When the son entered i noticed how old he became in this years. Before he didn’t have any wrinkles on his face, but now there are a lot. It is hard to watch a person dying in prison” – says his mother.
She also added that Artsiom is not complaining about his health. He reads books, does sports, works in the second shift from 7 pm to 3 am.
“We were hoping to talk him into writing a petition for mercy, but he refused point blank” – his mother added.
In december Artsiom was supposed to have a long term meeting with his parents, but the colony administration deprived him of the date.

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