Belarusian prisoners’ news. December 2013

Wall_and_treesOn December 12 Mikalai Dziadok was transfered back to prison #4 in Mogilev from Republican Prison Hospital in Zhodino where he was staying since 1st December. In the hospital he was diagnosed with several stomach and intestinal tract diseases. However the full examination was not performed – the diagnostics doctors were on sick leave. So he was sent back with recommendation to pass examination next year (2014) and have one month of extra ration (eggs, milk, butter, juice). At the end of December Nikolai also had a short meeting with his wife, allowed only once a year.

Ihar Alinevich sent from prison an article about Mikhail Hodorkovsky. Magically, this happened almost at the same time Hodorkovsky was released from prison.
Ihar won Francishak Alehnovich award for his book “On the way to Magadan”. He received it on December 10 –
on the Human Rights Day. The award was founded by “Radio Freedom” and Belarusian PEN-center for best work written in prison. Alltogether 12 works were nominated including a short story by another anarchist Aliaksandr Frantskevich. Aliaksandr got a diploma.
There haven’t been any news about Yauhen Vas’kovich lately. Mikalai Dziadok thinks that Yauhen might have been put into a punishment cell again.
Father of Artsiom Prakapenka points out that they won’t have a meeting with his son in the near future – recently it appeared that the prison administration once again has deprived the prisoner of the date with relatives. No reasons reported. His relatives also report that he got sick in December as it is really cold in prison baracks right now. After that they have sent him some extra warm clothes. A year ago he already had bronchitis because of heating problems in production area. It seems that the situation hasn’t change much since then.

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