Overview of repressions against anarchists and anti-fascists in Belarus in 2020


Winter started with the termination of criminal prosecution against anarchist G.A. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12633 under article 341 of the Criminal Code (desecration of buildings and damage to property), who had been previously suspected of drawing a tag against the European Games, which were held in Belarus from June 21 to 30 2019).

On February 12th, in Savetski district court the sentence in the case of Ivan Komar and Mikita Yemelianau, who were accused of throwing paint bulbs at Minsk court and an attack with a Molotov cocktail on SIZO-1 in Minsk, was pronounced.

Both were given the same sentence of seven years in prison. However, during the revision of the case the sentences were reduced: Nikita Yemelyanov – to 4 years in jail, Ivan Komar – to 3.5 years in jail. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12790

On February 21 the blogger Andrey Voynich was fined 450 euro for the extremist slogan in the house (https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12762) caught on the video. Voynich believes his prosecution was caused by the fact that he is an activist of “European Belarus,” as the tag was there for years and no one was interested in it.

On February 23, 2020, anarchist Sergei Romanau received his third preventive supervision violation for being in a cafe that sells alcohol. As a reminder, Romanov was released in July 2019, the court ordered him to impose preventive supervision restrictions, such as a ban on leaving town and changing his residence, a ban on visiting bars, restaurants, stores and other places where alcohol is sold in glasses, a ban on leaving his residence between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. without a good reason, a duty to report to the police station once a week. Sergei was sure that he would soon be charged under Article 421 of the Criminal Code (Failure to comply with the requirements of preventive supervision), for which he could be arrested or sent to a colony for up to a year. Then they didn’t start the case https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12831, but did start it on June 1, detaining the anarchist on his way out of the house https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12861.


Anarchist and blogger Mikola Dziadok was detained on March 19. A report under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code was drawn up with regard to the anarchist, allegedly for the tag “The cops are scum” on the wall of the dormitory, which had appeared on February 3. The result – Mikola is free and the case materials were returned to the police department. Dziadok could not physically make the tags in Minsk, as on February 3 he was crossing the border at Terespol-Brest. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12786

At the beginning of May Vadzim Boiko, a member of the anti-fascist movement, sentenced to 4 years in prison in the famous “anti-fascist case”, was released. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12823

On May 7, anarchist Nikita Emelianov was sent to a cell-type prison for a month for violating the regime, and on May 29, Nikita was transferred to a prison regime in Mogilev prison. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12863.


At the beginning of July anarchist Dmitriy Polienko was prosecuted for insulting a policeman. The case was later re-qualified as an administrative one. Earlier he was sentenced to 15 days in jail under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (calling for the organization or holding of an unsanctioned event) for posting a photo with a pot: banging pots at certain times is a form of solidarity with political prisoners. Polienko was taken from the courtroom under escort, his house was searched https://telegra.ph/Polienko-07-10.

On July 27, he was detained at the police department, where he went for regular check-ups ordered by the rules of home detention, and was sent to serve another 15 days. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12933.

Also in early July political prisoner Nikita Emelianov continued to be pressured in prison: several times he was placed in the solitary confinement cell. Classical violations – violation of uniforms (when it was hot), dust on the bars.

On July 25, an anarchist activist Dmitry Polienko was released after 15 days of arrest. Earlier it was reported that the activist was given two more 15-day sentences, and that in total he would have to serve 45 days of arrest and be released no earlier than August 23.

On August 6 preventive detentions of anarchists began – https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12943 anarchist activists Nikita Selivonik and Vladislav Abazovik were detained at work. Men in civilian clothes were present outside the third activist’s house, a minibus was parked in the yard, and calls were received on the phone from the local police department to come and sign the unknown explanations. On August 8, anarchists Vladislav Abazovik and Mikita Selivonik received 15 and 10 days of arrest, respectively.

It was also reported that the police came to the place of residence of anti-fascist Vadzim Boiko, who was released in April.

In Brest near evening Alexander and Dzmitry Kozliańko were detained. The police called them in plain clothes and took away the brothers without explaining anything to their mother. Later, Dzmitry was released, but Alexander was not. He was sentenced to 5 days in jail for allegedly obstructing the elections as a public observer. Sasha was not released on time, but was kept for two more days without trial and only released on August 14. After his release he was summoned to court on August 28th, where he had to “ratify” the additional day he had served. When he went to court on the summons, it turned out that the court had not received the case. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=12947

Dmitri Kozlyanka filed a complaint with the Investigative Committee with a request to institute criminal proceedings for assault on a police officer. They also tried to plant drugs on him, but unsuccessfully https://abc-belarus.org/?p=13190. Only in early December it became known that the criminal case against Dima was refused.

We have also received information about the increased interest in the whereabouts of several activists from Baranavichy.

The cops in Gomel called the parents of anarchist Sergei Romanov and tried to summon all three of them for a conversation, but they refused to talk to them without a summons. At 10.15 p.m. on August 6, a subpoena was delivered to Ramanov personally by one of the officers. He was notified by summons at 7:00 a.m. on August 7 for proceedings in an administrative case. On 7 August at 6.40 a.m. the policemen themselves picked him up from the house and brought him to the police department, where they drew up two reports, one for failure to appear on summons and the other for violation of Article 23.4 (resistance to a policeman). On 8 August he was sentenced to five days of administrative arrest.

On August 8, around 1 p. m., riot police raided the apartment where Mikola Dziadok and his partner lived. The anarchist himself was not in the apartment. They took two computers and a phone. The search was conducted as part of a criminal case for Facebook posts.

On August 9, six anarchists were detained in Baranovichi. They were given 7 to 15 days of arrest, later one more person was detained on August 10 and released with a fine.

Anarchist Pavel Sadovsky disappeared in Minsk on August 10, as we found out later – he was taken from his work by the cops. It turned out that he was sentenced to 3 days in jail and fined.

On August 12, Alexander Frantskevich* and Akihiro Gajewski-Khanada were detained in Minsk. They were accused of organizing mass riots and were placed in pre-trial detention. At the end of August it became known that the activists were beaten and tortured while in KGB custody.

*ABC-Belarus provides critical support to Frantskevich for his repeated attempts to influence other members of the anarchist movement in Belarus and Ukraine through violence, as well as for deceiving his comrades, including on collective financial issues.

On August 12, Ivan Krasovski was detained; later it turned out that he was badly beaten, he was hospitalized for a long time and moved in a wheelchair. On September 24 he was detained again and taken to the detention center on charges of rioting.

On 13 August comrades from Grodno got in touch and reported that during the last days at least 8 members of the antifascist movement had been detained.

Another trial over the anarchist Sergey Romanov was held in Gomel. He was given another 10 days in jail.

August 21, Brest. After almost all administrative prisoners were released, 28 people remained in the detention center. Among them were anti-fascists Roman K. and Andrei Marach. After detention Roman was sentenced to 15 days of arrest, and Andrei – 12. https://abc-belarus.org/?p=13079

On August 22, anarchists and anti-fascists were detained after a demonstration in Grodna. The young people were taken in an unmarked minibus. Administrative reports were drawn up for them. The detainees: Igor Bancer, Maximilian Krivets, Artur Kurshakov, Aliaksei Pauk. Banzer got 10 days, the rest – 7 days https://abc-belarus.org/?p=13099.

On August 22, after 7 p.m., two young men, Pavel Toroshchin and Yauhen Borodzko, were detained near Victory Square by accomplices of the dictatorial power from the Central Department of Internal Affairs. They were handing out leaflets with anarchist content. Pavel Toroshchin was given 3 days, while Yauhen Barodka – 5 days.

On August 24th and 25th in Baranavichy several participants of the protest action were detained and taken to the police department. All detainees had reports drawn up for participation in an unsanctioned event, some of them were told the date and time of the hearing. The police tried to talk to them and find out who had invited them to the rally, whether they were paid money and offered their cooperation. After the conversation everyone was released, but later they received fines from 10 to 50 euros.


On 1 September three anarchists were detained in Minsk: Sergey Nevdakh, Ilya Senko and Sergey Sasunkevich. According to the comrades, Ilya was severely beaten by the cops. They were all given 15 days in jail. His story can be read here http://spring96.org/ru/news/99409.

On 8 September, anarchist Artem Solovyuk was sentenced to 8 days in jail. He was detained after the Unity March.

On September 10th , Aliaksandr Kozlyanka was tried in Brest. He was fined 100 euro allegedly for disobedience to a police officer.

On 11 September, 3 people from the Economic Crimes Department came to the office of the anarchist cooperative “Listovka”. They conducted an “inspection” without a protocol on camera. They demanded to show illegal eaflets, but they did not look at the finished products. One of the pigs said: “Think with your head, you have a complaint that you have a mountain of banned leaflets here”.

On 13 September several anarchists were detained during protests in Minsk. They were walking in the crowd with a banner “Ⓐ Tomorrow must not be like today Ⓐ” and handed out leaflets. The detainees were later released, one of the girls was fined.

On 15 September in Grodna anarchist and anti-fascist Igor Bancer was detained for a performance in front of the courthouse and released a few hours later.

On September 17, anarchist Dmitri Polienko was detained – https://abc-belarus.org/?p=13164 he received 5 days of arrest. The operation was handled by “activists” of GUBOPiK.

On September 29 it became known that an amnesty was applied to activist Dmitri Polienko – he was released from serving 14.5 months of home detention.

On 1 October Pavel Pipko from Baranavichy was arrested for alleged participation in the rally on 23 September. He was sentenced to 12 days.

On 2 October two members of the printing cooperative “Listovka” were detained in Minsk. Yauhen Dyatkouski was detained in the morning right in the office, and Konstantin Nesterovich was detained closer to lunch. The two of them were given 15 days in jail.

On 2 October the anarchist Andrei Chepyuk was detained. After he was detained his apartment was searched as part of the mass riot case. http://spring96.org/ru/news/99932.

On October 3, Sviatoslav Baranovich, who served 3 years in prison for trying to prevent the detention of anarchists at the demonstration on March 15, 2017, was released. He spent the last six months in the isolation ward.

Since 4 October, another Brest anti-fascist Roman Kokhovich has been in the detention center. He was visited in the detention center by officers of the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime and was charged with four episodes. At least two of his trials have already taken place. He received 15 days in jail twice. He was tried under 23.34 part 3, as he had already been detained under it this year on August 9, together with Andrei Marach, and they were both arrested.

On 6 October the police detained Maryna Dubina and sentenced her to 13 days.

On 9 October anti-fascists from Brest Raman Kokhovich was given 15 days and Lesha Chyvikov 200 euro fine.

On 12 October Masha Shakuro from the group “Boston Tea Party” and RC “Grazhdanochka” was detained and given 10 days of arrest under Article 23.34.

After someone broke a window in the building of Baranovichi prosecutor’s office in the evening of October 12, the state started a new attack on local activists.

On October 13th , six searches were conducted in the homes of anarchists and punks, previously convicted for participation in protests. They confiscated computers, phones, flash drives and other media. Some people were taken for interrogation, including with the use of polygraph. https://t.me/belarus_abc/310

On 14 October searches were conducted in Baranavichy in the homes of Yauhen Zhurawski and Pavel Pipko https://spring96.org/ru/news/99970.

On October 15, Anna and Inna Begal were detained in Brest. They were charged under Article 293.2 – participation in mass riots on August 10 in Brest. They were detained at 7 a.m. and searched in the evening after interrogation, during which the cops searched for the clothes in which they could have participated in the protests. Three days later they were released on their own on bail.

On October 16 anarchist Alexander Belov was detained at work and arrested for 15 days for participation in August 23 march.

On 20 October the antifascist and musician Igor Bancer was detained, he was charged under article 339.1 for a performance in front of a cop car.

On October 21 in the afternoon the anarchist Valeria Hotina was detained in the center of Minsk and sentenced to 15 days for participation in the August 23 march.

On 23 October the anti-fascist Andrei Marach was again detained at work in Brest. On 26 October he was tried, the case was sent back for revision, and the activist was released home to await a new summons. As a result the case was stopped.

On 23 October anarchists Alena Dubovik, Mikhail Traulko, Yauhen Rubashko, Ilya Senko and Daria M. were detained on their way back from a rehearsal. Later they were sentenced to terms of 12 to 15 days. Ilya fell ill with covid in the detention center.

Anti-Fascist Mikhail Palownikov was detained in Minsk on 27 October and sentenced to a fine on 28 October.

On 29 October at 10 a.m. police officers in civilian clothes came to the house of anarchist Uladzimir Chaika and took him to the police station of Baranavichy. There he was questioned about who conducted “sabotage” on the local railroad and was offered to work for police. In two hours he was released. Earlier he served 8 days in jail after his detention on August 9.

On 29 October anarchist Varvara Grinyuk was detained in Grodna for a solitary picket in front of university and sentenced to a fine. The art and design student of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno was expelled on 14 October 2020 for absences. On the day of her expulsion she went in for surgery, for which she had been preparing for more than a month.

On the night of October 29-30, anarchists Dzmitry Dubovski, Ihar Alinevich, Sergey Romanov and Dzmitry Rezanovich were detained while attempting to cross the Belarusian border. They were found with firearms, ammunition, grenades and gas canisters. All were charged under Article 289.2 (terrorism) and Article 295 (illegal arms trafficking) of the Criminal Code.

Now they are all kept in the KGB detention center in Minsk. They are charged with attacks on regime facilities in Salihorsk and Mozyr.

On 30 October eight people who came to celebrate the release of Aliaksandr Bialow were detained. During the detention the pigs used pepper spray cans. The guys were beaten. They were accused of organizing a mass event in front of the falafel shop – according to the cops they shouted slogans “Zhyve Belarus”, “Go away, “Tribunal” while waiting for the falafel. All received 15 days in jail.

On November 1, three anti-fascists were detained near the Neman department store in Grodna, later they were released.

On November 8, anarchist Denis Moroz was detained in Belaaziorsk. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail. Later his mother, who was also present at the protest, was also sentenced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC6NygnPOT4&t.

On November 11 in Beryoza at least 4 searches were conducted in the apartments and homes of anti-fascists and former football fans of the city. At least two guys were raided. Everyone was shown search warrants for firearms and explosives. It all started after a house of one of the police officers was sprayed with graffities. The searches were carried out by Brest police department https://t.me/belarus_abc/386.

On 11 November the anarchist Mikalai Dziadok was detained. He is charged with gross violation of public order (Art 342) through the administration of Mikola and Pramen channels. The video after the detention shows that tear gas or pepper spray were used against him, and already in the office of the Main Department of Internal Affairs, his jaw was not moving properly. Later Dziadok reported torture and violence used to gain access to his computer.

On November 14, the guys detained on October 30 in a falafel shop were supposed to be released. However, six out of eight detainees were given additional charges, allegedly for participation in the October 25 march, and were given another 10-15 days in jail. Vladislav Moshchuk went on hunger-strike to protest against the repeated detentions.

On 15 November anti-fascist and musician Dima Masal was detained in Grodna. He may be known to many people by the pung bands Contra La Contra and Bagna.

On 15 November the anarchists Yauhen Rubashko and Mikhail Traulko were detained in Minsk. Mikhail was released from the police station, but Yauhen was given 15 days in jail under Article 23.34. Later Mikhail was sentenced to 15 days more.

On 17 November Kirill P., anti-fascist and MTZ fan received 13 days in jail for an action in defense of the Square of Changes on 15 November https://t.me/belarus_abc/401.

On November 22, anarchist Artyom Solovey was detained during a march against fascism in Minsk. He was sentenced to 25 days of arrest.

On November 26th the antifascist Denis Zhuk, resident of Brest, was detained in the framework of the criminal case on mass riots in August. Denis was charged under part 2 of article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus – participation in mass riot.

From 12 to 17 November Nikita Yemialianau spent five days in the punishment cell for “violation of uniform”.

Zenevich Vladislav, anti-fascist from Minsk, was detained on 30 November under Art 342.1 and arrested for 2 months. Earlier Vlad was detained at the march on 1 November, badly beaten, and the next day was fined 300 euro. His apartment was also searched.

On 13 December the anarchist Gleb V. was detained during a protest action in Minsk and sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest.

On December 16, anarchist Nikita Emelianau was again thrown into solitary confinement.

At the end of December it became known that the life of Mikola Dziadok was in danger, his lawyer could not get to him for more than 10 days. Now Mikola is fine, although there were tense moments in the cell.

Not all repressions are listed in the text, but only those we were informed about and allowed to publish. If you have any additions or corrections to the text, email belarus_abc@riseup.net.

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