Updates on anarchist partisans from December 6

All four partisans (Ihar Alinevich, Sergey Romanov, Dzmitry Dubovsky and Dzmitry Rezanovich) continue to be held in the KGB detention center. According to our data, no violence is used against them. After several weeks of lawlessness, the Chekists began to accept food supplies.

Ihar Alinevich is kept in solitary confinement from the first days.

None of the partisans received letters from friends/comrades. Censorship seems to allow only correspondence from parents, and even then with great delays. Contrary to this, you should continue to write in the hope that you can break through the wall of state terror! You can also do this through our online form – https://abc-belarus.org/?page_id=579.

All four are accused under Art. 289 Part 2 (terrorism) and Art. 295 Part 3 (arms trafficking) of the Criminal Code. The second part of 289 means that all are excluded from the possibility of the death penalty at the moment.

The situation of Dzmitry Dubovsky deserves a separate update at this stage. In the first few days, cops released videos with his confessions and testimonies on participation of other group members in actions. A little later, it became known that Dzmitry Rezanovich and Sergey Romanov refused to give any testimony in the case. As far as we can judge from our information there were misunderstandings among the activists about their behavior: Ihar Alinevich also confessed to participating in direct actions. As far as we know, the situation with Dubovsky has cleared up, and now he refuses to testify against other group members. At the same time, he continues to take responsibility for the actions taken by the squad.

Dubovsky has been on the run for the last 10 years and after the trial in the guerrillas’ case he is likely to face new trials in the episodes of 2009-2010. The anarchists Ihar Alinevich and Nikolai Dziadok, as well as Alexander Frantzkevich*, have already served time for those actions. Under those articles Dubovsky faces 5-10 years (in addition to the current charges, on which he may receive 20+ years).

All four anarchists are in a good mood and send greetings to all comrades! They believe that we can overthrow the dictator in the near future, and all the prisoners will be able to go free!

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