4 anarchists detained at the belarusian border for direct actions

Anarchists Dmitry Dubovsky, Igor Olinevich, Sergei Romanov and Dmitry Rezanovich were detained at the Belarusian border. Firearms, ammunition, grenades and pepper spray were found in their belongings. Everyone is accused of art. 289 (terrorism) and art. 295 (illegal arms trafficking) of the Criminal Code. The punishment under article 289 is up to the death penalty.

Now everybody is in a KGB jail in Minsk. They are accused of attacks on regime facilities in Soligorsk and Mozyr.

You can support them financially via ABC-Belarus – https://abc-belarus.org/?page_id=8661&lang=en

You can write letters of support via our online form – https://abc-belarus.org/?page_id=8682&lang=en

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