Vadim Boyko – released

Vadim Boyko is an antifascist and a supporter of FC ‘Partyzan’. Detained on March 22, 2016 together with Ilya Volovik on suspicion of participating in a fight that took place on June 29, 2014. Back then a bunch of football hooligans blocked right-wing supporters of FC ‘Torpedo’ in a trolleybus. During the conflict a glass was broken and somebody sprayed pepper spray in the trolleybus.

10 days after the incident police informed they had detained more than 10 football hooligans but they were soon released without charges.

Only two years later a special political department decided to start the case a new with a series of raids.

In the following months two more antifascists – Dmitry Tsekhanovich and Filipp Ivanov – were arrested on the same case but later set free before the trial.

On March 10, 2017 Vadim Boyko was sentenced to 4 years of jail. Other antifascists got from 4 to 12 years of imprisonment as well.

Vadim was released in April 2020.

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