Statement of collective Anarchist Black Cross – Moscow: anti-fascist and anarchist Serebrennikov Oleg needs your help and solidarity!

oleg_1Anarchical Black Cross Moscow (ABC – Moscow) urges to show solidarity and to help the anti-fascist and the anarchist Serebrennikov Oleg. On an extent more than ten years he actively participated in the anarchical and anti-fascist movements in Russia and in Izhevsk.  Long time he cooperated with collective ABC – Moscow, helped detainees and the arrested anti-fascists and anarchists with Izhevsk, looked for for them lawyers, informed the public and activists on the repressions untied by police against anti-fascists in the city.  He actively participated in solidarity actions in support of the imprisoned anti-fascists and social activists. Because of the serious problems with health which arose after attack of neo-Nazis on Oleg in 2004 the help is now necessary need for him.

You can extend information on Oleg’s case among friends, to hold a concert or other events for solidarity with Oleg, it is simple to transfer any sum to the bank accounts provided below, it is simple to write it the letter for support him.

We publish the letter of Oleg in which he in detail describes the situation below.

«Hello, my name is Oleg Serebrennikov. I’m 33 years old and I’ve been anti-fascist and socialist over the last 15 years, so I am one of the few people who was at the origin of the anti-fascist movement in Izhevsk.

During all that time, the Nazis and the police have been preventing me from leaving a normal life; there were many attacks, threats and acts of intimidation from the neo-Nazis. Apart of that, the local police was trying to initiate criminal proceedings etc.

From 2001 to 12 years, I have actively participated in the anarchist and anti-fascist movement in Izhevsk and Russia. It consisted in the movement “Autonomous Action” (2005-12), for many years was a regional coordinator Autonomous action-Izhevsk. Participated in many libertarian and anti-fascist meetings and conferences.

I was a member of the Russian Social Forum in 2005, helped in organizing seminars on counter forum against the Group of Eight summit in St. Petersburg, 2006. In the years 2005-09 organized and participated in the student union and the campaign against the privatization of education in Izhevsk. It is also actively involved in the meetings and social protests held in Izhevsk on the problems of housing and communal services, travel documents on public transport, point construction and other problems.

It is also actively involved in the anti-fascist struggle, carried out various anti-fascist street actions, cultural events organized and conducted screenings of anti-fascist and socialist cinema in the student autonomous Cinema Club, led the campaign, blogged on the Izhevsk and wrote articles about neo-Nazis in the local newspaper, where he worked.

I also worked with a team of Anarchist Black Cross Moscow, has been active online editor of the largest anarchist and anti-fascist site of the former USSR and


On 23 February 2004 after a protest against the war in Chechnya, some Nazis attacked me and almost killed, there were about 20-25 people, for me it ended up in quite a sad way – I was taken to hospital and diagnosed a brain contusion with hemorrhage, craniocerebral injury and a number of other problems. Unfortunately, I have not received any adequate treatment at an early stage of the illness, so, a few years later my health condition started deteriorating dramatically.

In 10 years I started having a strong health deterioration, I almost can’t work because of constantly being treated. Twice a year I have to get treatment in various hospitals and clinics and, generally speaking, I feel myself much worse.

The treatment I need to get is very expensive (2000 euro per year) and, due to my lack of funds, I can only pay a small part of the treatment. Sometimes I’ve received financial support from Anarchist Black Cross, that was very important and helpful for me. Now I’m in need of assistance and that’s why I can’t provide myself with the essential treatment. I would be very grateful if you could help me somehow.

More details:

My name is Oleg Serebrennikov; I live in Russia, Izhevsk. I am an anti-fascist and human rights activist, also writing on social affairs. I need help because I have serious health problems because of having been engaged in human rights and anti-fascist work in my town.

I advised social activists and ordinary citizens on their rights and freedoms violated by the police, organized workshops telling how to behave themselves with the police offices.  I also organized various street antifascist activities (demonstrations, public protests, rallies), as well as cultural events: an anti-fascist film club, a socialist cinema club at the University of Izhevsk, also carried out different activities related to feminism, social and environmental issues.

As a journalist, I overviewed local right-wing organizations and groups, denouncing their crimes against the citizens, I also informed people about the illegal activities of such groups.

After having started my human rights activities, I faced a problematic situation with the representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and neo-Nazis groups.

On 23 February 2004 after a protest against the war in Chechnya, I was attacked by some 20 neo-Nazis armed with iron rods, canes and knives. I was severely beaten, received a serious head injury and spent several hours unconscious.

Then I spent more than 3 months in different hospitals, but the problems related to the brain injury didn’t disappear. Some neo-Nazis who participated in the attack came to “visit” me in a hospital several times, threatening that they would kill me if I didn’t fail to investigate the case.

In the hospital I was diagnosed a severe brain contusion – a brain hurt and a hemorrhage. One of the attackers was Jan Krasnovski – a grandson of the famous Soviet small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov (AK-47). His powerful relatives pressured the doctors and did everythingthey could to prevent me from receiving an appropriate treatment.

So, because of the poor quality of the initial treatment, my health problems became chronic. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been suffering terrible headaches, dizziness, disability of some brain functions (poor attention and memory, amnesia), weakness and fatigue. Such ordinary things like going shopping or walking now are tiresome and tedious for me. Due to the constant psychological pressure from the police and neo-Nazis (surveillance, telephone tapping, opening falsified criminal cases against me), I’ve got a severe depression.

For 10 years following the injury I’ve been treated 2-3 times a year in different hospitals and clinics of Izhevsk but my health is still seriously deteriorated. Due to the fact that I constantly have to be under treatment in hospitals and need medical care, I’m not able to have a permanent job and pay for the treatment.…/olegu-nuzhna-pomoshch-obrashchenie-ac…

In 2007 I investigated the assassination of anti-fascist activist Stanislav Korepanov committed by neo-Nazis in Izhevsk in the spring of 2007.

I collected data and photos of Nazi attackers and then, with the help of lawyers, I passed this information to the investigating authorities. Then, this data was used for arresting 2 people and prosecuting about 20 neo-Nazis. That was why the local neo-Nazis decided to call a group of their comrades from other cities to kill me. I was threatened over the phone and waited at my workplace. I reported the circumstances to the police but it refused to deal with that. Therefore, I had to leave the city for a few months.

After that, there were some more intents to attack me, but I somehow managed to defend myself.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in their activities: in 2010, a group of neo-Nazis tried to set fire to the apartment where my family and I live. They painted swastikas and the phrase “Oleg, you’re dead” in the entrance hall of my apartment. They also shot the window of my apartment and threw some burning object to the balcony. It was by chance that no one was hurt during that attack: I could smell the fire and called the fire department.…/izhevsk-nazi-burning-antifascist-fla……/izhevsk-nazi-burning-antifascist-fla…

After that, I submitted a complaint to the police and asked to institute proceedings against the Nazis that were trying to set fire to my apartment. The case was initiated, I recognized that the arsonists were neo-Nazis, but the police didn’t handle it properly and no one was imprisoned. The police officers gave me a hint that they were not especially interested in the investigation of that case.

In the summer of 2011 a group of neo-Nazis threw stones at the windows of my apartment, I definitely recognized a group of local neo-Nazis, but the police didn’t initiate any proceeding.

On 15 October 2012 – a group of neo-Nazis once again threw stones to my window, it was broken but the police only came in 2 hours, although I called them immediately. I told the police officers having seen a man who had thrown the stones, he was known as a neo-Nazi activist. However, the police again did nothing.

After that the threats from neo-Nazis continued.  Since the neo-Nazis attack in 2004, I have to be hospitalized 2 o 3 times a year. Unfortunately, my health is constantly deteriorating, so I’m almost not able to work.

Treatment very expensive ( 2000 euros a year) and my means is enough only for small part of treatment, constantly to me helped ABC-Moscow that of course it was very important for me and it is useful. But this help hasn’t enough. I would be very grateful to you if you helped me with treatment.  If you want to ask any questions or anything to clarify, please write to e-mail avtonom46@gmail.com

Oleg Serebrennikov. »

Bank account details:

Bank account holder: Oleg Serebrennikov

Address of the account holder: 21 – Apt.124, 10 Let Oktyabrya Str., Izhevsk, 426011, Russia.

Account number: 40817978608040002069 (Euro)

Bank name and address: Alfa-Bank, 27 Kalanchevskaya Str, Moscow, 107078, Russian Federation


Correspondent Bank of Benificiary’s Bank:

COMMERZBANK AG, Franfurt am Main


Acc. With corresp / Bank № 400886894501EUR

Bank accounts (write please “donation for Serebrennikov Oleg” or “donation for Oleg“)


Beneficiary bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, Russia SWIFT code: ALFARUMM Beneficiary account number: № 40817978004230006660 Beneficiary full name: MIRYASOVA OLGA ALEKSANDROVNA


Beneficiary bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, Russia SWIFT code: ALFARUMM Beneficiary account number: № 40817840204230006802 Beneficiary full name: MIRYASOVA OLGA ALEKSANDROVNA

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