Belarusian prisoners’ news. June 2015

In the beginning of June Artsiom Prakapenka had a long-term meeting with parents. Meeting continued 20 hours. During meeting political prisoner said that conditions in colony became worse. On 24 square meters now live 12 instead of 10 people. In colony Artsiom Prakapenka works as operator of machine for production of heat pipes and earns 50.000 rubles (3-4 dollars) in a month. Political prisoner doesn’t complain of problems with health.

On the 3rd of June the trial closed hearing in the case of a renewed fight with right-wing hooligans. In the dock were Steshenko Dmitry, Bohdan Roman. On the 3rd of July scheduled the next hearing.

Mikalai Dziadok has spent almost the whole month in a punishment cell. He is being punished for refusal to work. The anarchist demands a fare wage for the prisoners which now amounts at only 0.30 euros per month. The prison administration resists his seeing a lawyer – last time they were permitted to talk only for 15 minutes.

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