Belarusian prisoners’ news. February 2015

Jauhen Vas’kovich received his first meeting with mother for last four years of imprisonment. Meeting continued one day and took place in Mogilev colony, where political prisoner was transferred at the end of last year from prison.In prison Jauhen works in sewing manufacture and hopes that for absence of trespassing and his efforts he may be released before the term of imprisonment.On 26th of February he celebrated his 24th anniversary. It’s his fourth birthday in prison.

On February 26 the criminal case of the anarchist Mikalai Dziadok was tried in Mahilyou prison.Dziadok was charged with 16 violations of prison rules, such as wearing sportswear suit instead of prison uniform, sleeping after “Wakey” signal, not sleeping after lockdown, talking to prisoners from other cells. He was eventually sentenced to one year in maximum security penal colony. Relatives and comrades of Dziadok connect the case with the coming presidential elections in Belarus. Thus the authorities tries to get rid of everyone who can endanger power.Lately Mikalai’s health has deteriorated, especially problems with his stomach. The anarchist has been prescribed a special diet and additional examination. Approximately in a month he will be transferred to another penal colony from prison.

At the end of January Ihar Alinevich has been put into a punishment cell for 10 days. It is the fifth punishment of this kind in the last 6 months. Ihar receives almost no letters, newspapers reach him with a long delay. He wasn’t allowed to call home for a few months. At the end of February he was allowed a short visit from his parents. Ihar has been transferred to another prison unit, which is inhabited mostly by former policemen, judges and prosecutors.

Dmitry Zvanko while serving his sentence, does not waste time in vain – for sports, learning English, reading books. He receives letters of support from strangers, that his very happy cheers.


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