Solidarity with anarcho-punks in Minsk in Wargasm Collective’s concert in Istanbul

Last night, Wargasm Collective organized a concert in which hardcore punk/thrash band The Truth (Serbia), anarko punk/crust band Bosonogo Djetinjstvo (Croatia) and punk rock/hardcore punk band Poster-iti took stage. Aside from wonderfulness of the bands which took stage and wild dance energies of audiences, the solidarity that showed to anarcho-punks in Belarus made the made more meaningful. During concert, there were solidarity calls for anarcho-punks who are arrested and repressed by police during a punk concert in 10th of January. The message was read which Minsk anarchist sent to us and we distributed some communiques, stickers and banners about the repression in Belarus. Also people in concert hall shouted solidarity and support slogans for prisoners in Belarus and prisoners all over the world.

The income of Social War distro, as declared before, will be sent to comrades from Minsk soon.DSC_0140


DSC_0148 DSC_0147


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