Mexico: anarchist sentenced to 5 years 9 months

arton2515A few days fulfilled a year ot his arrest after a march against the rising of the price of metro ticket , where the Christmas tree owned by the Coca -Cola multinational was burned , today was dictated sentence to comrade Fernando Barcenas Castillo of 5 years 9 months for the crime of attacks on public peace , so misses bail.

At a time when the Mexican government is intensifying its repressive methods , certainly the sentence to Fernando is looking send a message to inhibit the growing signs of discontent. That is why it is important to continue fighting for the freedom of our imprisoned comrades , do not let them into oblivion.

Continue demonstrating that solidarity is more than written word.

Freedom to Fernando Barcenas !

Solidarity with Carlos , Amelie and Fallon !

Freedom to Abraham and Luis Fernando !

Down the prison walls !

Anarchist Black Cross Mexico

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