Belarusian prisoners’ news. August 2014

Mikalai Dziadok was transferred to another cell for 10 people for unknown reasons. On August 23 he celebrated his 26th birthday, and dozen of comrades responded to the call of ABC-Belarus to send a video-congratulation. The whole video is available here

Ihar Alinevich reads about GULAG and anxiously follows the events in the Ukraine through all accessible sources. He likes the new penal colony more, as now he can see the nature and breath clean air (the colony in Novopolotsk was infamous for its contamination). Ihar writes he has some problems with his back and joints and even asked for special medicine.

Jauhen Vas’kovich became thin in prison, but did not break down mentally. He still refuses to sign petition for pardon.

“He called more than a month gone. It seems he feels good. The guy who was sitting with him, said so when called. And then who knows how it really is. He is not sitting in disciplinary cell now but in cell with three other prisoners. It’s a bit easier, because few people. And nothing more”, – says his mother Rushaniya Vaskovich. Jauhen is allowed only one meeting with parents per year. Last time his mother saw him in January, following a meeting – in January 2015.

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