Belarusian prisoners’ news. March 2014

Mikalai Dziadok is serving his last year in prison; his sentence ends on March 3, 2015. Due to his relatives’ complainst, he has received a better diet which is supposed to cure his stomack illness. As part of the EU program of support of Belarusian political prisoners Mikalai now has a patron for Lithuanian parliament who is supposed to take personal interest in what happens with the prisoner, write him, support his relatives and spread a ‘democratic’ word about the situation.

Ihar Alinevich spent 10 days in a punishment cell at the beginning of March. In general, he says that the situations is getting difficult. It is probably connected with the latest statement of Belarusian president, who said that he will set free the political prisoners only if they sign a petition for mercy. All of them refuse to do it. In March several more translations of Ihar’s book “On the Way to Magadan” appeared online (Polish, Spanish and French).

Yauhen Vas’kovich received many congratulations on his birthday, which he celebrated in Mogilev prison in late February. He thanked the people for support and kind words. During the last two months the political prisoner called home at least three times and wrote several letters. He has no problems with health, his mood is cheerful. Regarding the request for a pardon, he still does not intend to write it.

Workers of Mogilev penal colony demand Artsiom Prakapenka write a request for a pardon and be released. But anarchist refuses to do it. A few days ago her son called home. He told his parents that after two-month break he started to work again. However, not every day. He has no problems with health. In addition to work in the colony prisoner is involved in sports and reading books. Soon parents are going to visit Artsion Prakapenka. The time for short-term visit came, and long-term visit is planned for June.

In March two antifascists from Brest, Belarus were found guilty of attacking local neonazis.

Dzmitry Stsyashenka was accused of aggravated hooliganism for threatening to attack a neonazi with a knife last summer. He was sentenced to 4 years of custodial restraint.

Dzmitry Zvan’ko was accused of malicious bodily harm inflicted to a group of neonazis, who provoked antifascists on May 8, 2013. He was sentenced to 5 years of colony with reinforced regime. More on this story

Both court sessions were closed because the complainants asked so.

Anarchist from Gomel – Dzmitry Rezanovich – was detained on March 13-14 by Russian security forces when he tried to cross Russian-Ukrainian border. He is now at one of the Kursk pre-trial facilities, relatives are not allowed to visit him. It’s not yet clear what was the reason for detention. He had the passport of his brother, but it looks like the special services were not interested in this misdemeanor, they allegedly suspect him of a conspiracy to launch an attack on Kursk nuclear power plant as well as participation in Maidan protests.

We think this story is connected with the Russian hysteria about possible war with the Ukraine and expected diversive acts from Ukrainian side.

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