Solidarity with Belarusian anarchists in Paris

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Belarusian anarchists imprisoned, the event launched calling the Anarchist Federation brought together 70 people and scroll to the Invalides Eiffel Tower through the Champs de Mars. Thank you to all those present for their participation. Successful mobilization and beautiful banners have attracted the attention of residents and tourists unaccustomed to such es demonstration of solidarity without borders.

“Stone by stone wall by wall, we will destroy all prisons!”

In its internationalist slogans and anti-prison, the procession was escorted as usual, disproportionately by 10 vans of CRS. This has increased our visibility and did not prevented from taking pictures we wanted (see below).

“Against the dictatorship of capital, international solidarity!”

In this day of electoral farce in Belarus, we want to ensure the imprisoned anarchists recognized as political prisoners by Human Rights Watch, our support and we demand their immediate and unconditional release and that of all political prisoners in Belarus jails.

Our anarchist comrades must not represent in any way a currency exchange diplomatic relations between the European Union and the dictator Lukashenko did not hesitate to use forms of torture to force them to admit their guilt and ask for mercy.

We will not cease to conduct international solidarity actions to the total abandonment charges against them.

“In Belarus and the world, freedom for all prisoners!”

This international day of solidarity initiated in August 2012 in St-Imier Congress at the IFA (International of Anarchist Federations) has also been protests in other countries whose federations are members.

FAI (Italian Anarchist Federation): Rome, Turin, Reggio Emilia, Livorno, Palermo. …

AF (Anarchist Federation, UK): London. …

Down all prisons!

Belarusian solidarity with our comrades!

Long live international solidarity!

Anarchist Federation, member of the IFA

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