Berlin: solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners

In front of the Belorussian embassy in Berlin, a group of insurrectionist plushes has shown banners in Russian and English against the Lucashenko’s dictatorship  and for the immediate release of political prisoners in the country.

The protest didnt cause any scalation dispate of happening on the national elections day of Belarus.

The plusches speaker has explained to the press that it was an action in response to the global called released by the Anarchist Black Cross Belarus. In that call, the collective invited people to perform decentralized action sin solidarity with the political prisoners for the 22nd and 23th of September, around the presidential elections day.

But this is not the first time that outraged plushes take action against Lukashenkos regime. On the 4th of July this year hundreds of these fluffy toys leapt into space over Minsk from a plane.

There is very few hope that todays elections will bring democracy to Belarus, but there is no doubt that the solidary of a few teddy bears will reach those who today fight for freedom in and out of the belorussian prisons.

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