Mother of political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich forced to leave job

Mrs. Tatsiana Frantskevich, mother of political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich serving his three-year sentence in a penal colony in Ivatsevichy, has been forced to leave her job as a cleaner at the Navapolatsk-based “Vadakanal” state-owned enterprise.

The prisoner’s mother has turned in a resignation notice after she was subjected to harassment by the enterprise’s administration. In particular, she was forced to work overtime after she refused to take part in unpaid clean-up event back the spring of 2012.

Mrs. Tatsiana Frantskevich has been lately denied a personal day-off to see her imprisoned son. Apart from that, she received several reprimands for alleged violations of working regime.

“It is extremely hard to work in these conditions and with this salary,” says Mrs. Frantskevich.

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