Political prisoner Prakapenka marks birthday in prison

Anarchist activist Artsiom Prakapenka, who serves prison term in a penal colony in Mahilou, marks his 22nd birthday on July 27.

Artsiom Prakapenka was given 7-year imprisonment for arson of the doors of the KGB building in Babruisk.

Radio Svaboda called the father of the political prisoner, Anatol Prakapenka, to hear the latest news about Artsiom and send him birthday wishes.

“There is no news. He was given a status of a malicious breaker of prison rules. A lawyer is going to visit him in the nearest days.

We sent a telegram to congratulate him. All relatives sent letters to him. We congratulate him, support him and wish the soonest return home. We are waiting for this day. We still have a hope. We say to him: come on, get out of prison.

I’d like to stress everyone chooses his own way. He seems to realize what he is doing. He studied economics, liked music, wrote verses. He is brave and does not lose courage. It’s hard for him there. We told him he should have applied for pardon, but he refused. He is strong in spirit,” the father of the political prisoner says.


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