London: solidarity action with Belarusian anarchists

In Belarus at least thirteen people are imprisoned explicitly for their political beliefs so in response to a call from the Belorussian Anarchist Black Cross we organised a demo outside the embassy in Kensington Court on Monday 2nd July 2012. We duly arrived at noon with placards and banner and began some chants. However it’s difficult to get much response from the public in the posh end of London unless you really stand out. Fortunately, the jittery embassy diplomats panicked at just the sight of us and the picket was soon swelled by 7 armed coppers from SO6 the diplomatic protection squad. They demanded we move to the other side of the road. We wouldn’t. “So it’s a Mexican stand off” quotes the chief rosser. Well sort of but we didn’t have any shooters. Hence a tactical withdrawal to the sunny side of the street which turned out better as everyone in the embassy and visitors got a clearer view of the banner. We stayed in hope of making contact with the regular picket by Belorussian comrades and were rewarded by meeting them in the late afternoon. By the time we left the area in early evening we had outstayed the cops and could celebrate the first not rained on demo by London ABC.’


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