Alinevich called “malicious offender” for reading during lights out time

Ihar Alinevich was turned into a “malicious offender of prison rules” some days before the amnesty after a year of good behaviour.

The political prisoner wrote this in a letter to his mother Valyantina Alinevich on 27 June 2012, Belorusski Partizan reports.

“It was fault-finding – they said I was badly shaven and read too much during lights out time,” Ilar Alinevich explains why he was put on a list of malicious offenders of prison rules.

“I am an officially recognized ‘malicious offender’ since 19 June,” the political prisoner writes. “I saw my son in late May. He did not have any violations. Ihar became the last malicious offender among political prisoners. Maryna Lobava was told Eduard read too little, Mikalai Dzyadzok was seen in unbuttoned clothes 10 times. Ihar’s faults are that he is badly shaven and reads too much during lights out time. It’s the same as with other political prisoners – there was an order and Ihar was turned into a malicious offender after a year of good behaviour,” Valyantina Alinevich says.

“I have less money to buy food and cannot hope for amnesty,” Alinevich writes.

“Ihar wrote long ago he did not believe in releases under amnesty. He thinks it is a political game. But ‘the darker the night, the sooner the sunrise’. I know about Mikalai Dzyadok and read in a newspaper about Alyaksandr Mauchanau’s mother. Write him that he should accept the loss with dignity – we have no right to be weak now,” Valyantina Alinevich quotes her son.

“All political prisoners are military prisoners in a concentration camp. We wrote the prison chief last week asking why we don’t receive letters from our son. We referred to articles of the Criminal Procedure Code that say every inmate has this right. The prison chief referred to the same articles and answered the son had been told about the necessity to keep in touch with relatives,” Valyantina Alinevich says.


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