Supreme Court dismissed Ihar Alinevich’s complaint

The Supreme Court of Belarus has dismissed supervisory complaint against the verdict of Ihar Alinevich.

It has been done in almost half a year later the supervisory complaint was accepted for consideration, Belarusian Partisan informs.

The Supreme Court of Belarus has dismissed the complaint of Ihar Alinevich, a political prisoner, to consider the verdict in a supervisory procedure. Having admitted the complaint for examination last autumn, the Supreme Court condescended to give an answer only on March 13. And moreover, it has been done “in a very aggressive key”, as noted by the mother of the political prisoner, Valyantsina Alinevich.

“An answer to the complaint has been received from the Supreme Court. As anticipated, it was a strongly negative answer. It virtually repeats the answer of Minsk City Court: everything is legal, there have been no falsifications. It is surprising that phrases are very aggressive. They have expressed their aggression and rage. Our lawyer, an experienced lawyer, is at a loss…

The answer is dated by March 13, but it was received by the lawyer in the end of the last week only. I remind that the complaint was admitted for examination in November 2011. It was at the Supreme Court all this time, but as far as I know, the term for consideration is one month. We did not have any illusions, but the state of mind is wretched now. How long this travesty of justice and humiliation of people will be tolerated by us? The mask of neutrality was torn away from our Belarusian Themis long ago, and it has been made to stare fixedly in front of herself. It seems to me that they are the last political prisoners who received a negative answer from the Supreme Court. It is l detestable lives of people are played with in such a way,” Valyantsina Alinevich stressed.

However, Valyantsina Alinevich is happy. On March 25 her son called her, for the first time after his phone call in autumn, and she also received a very long letter.

“The letter was a surprise. A letter to his friend, his fellow student from the university, was received almost at the same moment. He asked about plans for the future… It is good they are not grieving over today, but make plans for the future. Son writes that he receives a magazine Popular Mechanics by subscription, and he has already collected an entire collection of articles about windmills… the second topic Ihar is interested in is agriculture, farming… He reads Computer Newspaper, and he also sometimes has creative ideas. For instance, he offered an idea how a notebook could be with a graphics tablet. He sent lots of drawings, and I think that is why the letter could not be received for so long,” Valyantsina Alinevich said.

Ihar Alinevich does not write anything about himself and incarceration conditions. “He does not write anything personal. I think it is prohibited to disclose information about the incarceration conditions to people outside the colony. And on the other hand, Ihar is a person who had never advertised himself, he just wanted his family members not to worry,” Valyantsina Alinevich said.

Ihar writes he was not doing physical exercises, as it was cold. And now he is trying to start running at least. “However, I do not know how he manages that under those condistions.” It is probably the only piece of information learned by his mother from his letter.

On May 27, 2011, judge of the Zavadski district court of Minsk Zhanna Khvainitskaya sentenced Ihar Alinevich to 8 years in a colony with a reinforced regime. Now he is serving the sentence in Navapolatsk colony Nr 10. Human rights activists have recognized him, Mikalai Dzyadok and Alyaksandr Frantskevich prisoners of conscience.

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