120 visitors of a punk concert detained in Minsk

[:en]Let us remind you that a punk concert in support of the group “Food not Bombs” (the movement that serves vegan and vegetarian food for the homeless) had to take place in Minsk MTZ House of Culture on March 24. However, the concert had hardly begun when special forces rushed into the building and detained almost all the present – about a hundred people. Witnesses claim that a packet with drugs was allegedly planted in the concert hall during the arrest.

34 girls got to the Partyzanski district police department. They were released several hours later after they’d given explanations on use or dissemination of drugs. They were also fingerprinted. Only one girl, Alena Dubovik, remained in the police department and was transported to the Akrestsina street detention center later.

The guys were delivered to the Central and Lenin district police departments right after detention, the underage were let go. They were also fingerprinted. Other stayed in the police departments till late at night, some of them were beaten. The guys were also forced to have their saliva tested (genotype analysis). The police also photographed them. The detainees were released by small groups. 15 people were delivered to the Akrestsina street detention center after 2 a.m.

The following people have been later arrested for 2 days: Pavel Belanau, Pavel Hrynevіch, Alyaksandr Pedash, Andrei Stsyapanau and Dzmіtry Harlanchuk. Dzmitry Hurau has been fined for 70 thousand roubles, Alyaksandr Yarashevich – for 105 thousands, Yauhen Ulasenka and Pavel Dzyarkach – for 140 thousands, Mikita Ulasenka, Uladzimir Dzmitrachkou and Yauhen Rubashka – for 175 thousands.

According to the website belarus.indymedia.org, one of the detained, Ihar Truhanovich, was taken to hospital on March 25. He is in hospital with a slight concussion and he may stand trial later. Alena Dubovik’s sentence has not been pronounced yet.

Translated by Euroradio

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