Attack of the police on “Syrena” last night

Police officers illegaly interrogated to the autnomous social centre “Syrena” during the presentation of the video dedicated to the repressions of the anti authoritan activists in Belarus When we were presenting the project of the library “Rebel Studies Library” in the Warsaw in the autonomous occupied social center “Syrena”, where we have showed movies about repressions of the belarusian anti authoritarian activists (〈=en) police officers illegally interrogated and started to make search and check the papers.

Police officer in civilian dress attacked one of the guy from “Syrena” hitting him in the face as a reply to the question what was the reason of illegal interrogation.

Police officers jumped over the fence and forced open the door breaking it justifying that it wasn’t just a regular routine check. Probably, police officers wanted to make this illegal intervention with alleged cause just to show people that are politically active, on one hand, belarussian activists that are right now in a jail (that evening was dedicated to the solidarity with this people), on the other hand, polish activists, helping the ordinary people, that it’s not good to change the world in a manner of undermining authorities and it’s not profitable to be a person, that is struggling not in a traditional political way (not joining the official organizations) in any political system.

In the past few months collective “Syrena” along with residents of Warsaw been pretty heavily involved in the city politics of Warsaw. They have been publicly pointing to the exclusionary tactics of many of city authorities. In particular, confronting the city policy of privatization of public space and homes that were formerly owned by the city. This translates to the mass evictions of tenants, destruction of public parks and closing down of small business to make way for the gentrification. Most recently, in the beginning of october, they have re-opened public library on international tenant’s day. And three weeks ago they’ve re-opened Bar Mleczny “Prasowy”.

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