Solidarity with Cristobal Franke (Chile)

On Friday 28 October, our comrade Cristobal Franke (“Mono”), was beaten by three prison guards.

The situation occurred around 16:45 pm, Mono was dozing in his cell when the bastards entered carrying out a search. When one of them asked if he had something of value, Cristobal says “yes”, “their money”. The guards replied without humour by beating Mono and throwing him down a flight of stairs.

He suffered blows to his head, chest and extremities. He remained unconscious for a while and was vomiting. Paramedics of the unit have not taken the necessary care.

Then he was transferred to a cage where he suffered punishment, irregular heart beat and respiratory problems. He is completely without communication and without food.

They want to take away his next visiting rights. The punished remains there with the excuse of disrespect to the disgusting Authority.

We can not allow this. Do not remain indifferent and show solidarity, it may not be repeated.

Strength to Mono!

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