Anarchist Alinevich was beaten in KGB jail

Anarchist Alinevich was beaten in KGB jail

Ihar Alinevich, who was given the longest prison term under charges of arsons, was beaten in the KGB jail, the website of the United Civil Party says referring to its sources.

Ihar Alinevich faced beating when he was in the KGB detention facility. It happened in he period when unknown masked people in fact controlled the jail.

Ihar Alinevich used snowballs to write ‘Viva Anarchy’ on the wall during a walk. Three men in masks demanded him to take off his sweater and clean the wall. Alinevich said he would erase the scribbling but not with his sweater. After that masked men began to beat the prisoner with hands and truncheons. Moreover, Alinevich was taken out of his cell later and beaten again in a separate room. He had bruises on his face and body after these “educational conversations”. Ihar Alinevich filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General, but it was not sent from the KGB jail. The jail doctor did not turn attention to bruises.


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