Repression against anarchists and anti-fascists in Belarus in January 2022

At the beginning of January it became known that Mikalai Dziadok was put in a punishment cell for three days on New Year’s Eve, and has been precautionary filed as “prone to suicide and self-mutilation” – for having cut his hands and stomach six years ago in a correctional institution. The anarchist already has seven out of ten possible preventive registrations. On 25 January the Supreme Court upheld Mikola’s sentence (five years in prison).

The defendants in the international anarchist organisation case have finished reading the materials of the case. Aliaksandr Kazlianka pointed out that only Daniil Chul testified against the others.

Some of the anarcho-partisans have been transferred to other custody facilities. Here are the new addresses:
Dmitriy Grigorievich Rezanovich
Sergei Aleksandrovich Romanov
SIZO-6, ul. Brestskaya 258, Baranovichi, 225413
Dmitry Nikolaevich Dubovski
SIZO-2, ul. Gagarina 2, Vitebsk, 210026
Igor Vladimirovich Olinevich
SIZO-1, ul Volodarskogo 2, Minsk, 220030

Anarchists Aleksandr Belov, Evgeny Rubashko and Artem Solovey were pressed with new charges – participation in the Pramen extremist formation. This article increases the maximum punishment to 6 years of imprisonment. The guys spent the whole month getting acquainted with the case.

On 11 January Brest anti-fascist Andrei Kazimirov was released from the Moscow pre-trial detention center on an undertaking to appear. The prosecutors appealed the decision.

On 26 January anti-fascists Daniil Ivanov and Daniil Marchenko were detained in Minsk. Their flat was searched. The guys were tried for disobedience to the police. Ivanov got 15 days of arrest, Marchenko – 14 days.

On 27 January the first hearing on the prison rules violation case against Mikita Yemelianau took place. During the time Mikita was in prison, more than 60 reports of prison rules violations were drawn up on him. The hearing took place inside the pre-trial detention facility, and only his parents were allowed in. Mikita refused to stand up when he talked to judge Oksana Rakitnikova, who warned him and later removed him from the courtroom. Guards testified listing the violations. The trial will continue on 11 February. Meanwhile, Yemelianau’s accomplice Ivan Komar was released from prison under the Amnesty Act. This is the first and very mysterious case when a political prisoner receives early release.

In December we received information that Aleksandr Zaytsev who stays in pre-trial detention declared his commitment to the anarchist ideas. It turned out that in 2020 Zaytsev actively participated in protests against the regime and was detained at least once in November. While serving the administrative arrest, Zaytsev met a secret service agent who incited him to set fire to an official’s dacha. Zaytsev is now charged with terrorism and faces the death penalty. Read more

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