Greetings from ABC-Belarus for the New Year

Today is the last day of this year, which was almost a fateful day for many Belarusians, and anarchists are no exception. In terms of the scale of repression, the year surpassed even 2010, although this time we were not the most repressed group, because the persecution affected a lot of people. Some of our comrades are in prison, some have been forced to leave the country, and some take the possible repression with fatalism.

The ABC-Belarus has tried to keep activists confident that they will not be left alone if they encounter problems. We are grateful to all those who collected parcels, searched for people in courts and prisons, held solidarity actions, transferred money to us, wrote letters to prisoners, met forced migrants in a foreign land and offered them a safe place to stay.

It’s entirely possible that we overlooked someone, somewhere we didn’t help in time, didn’t get the right information, and didn’t make something important public.

But anti-authoritarian activists in Belarus can always count on our support.

In the New Year, we wish everyone freedom – inside and outside: not to look around in the street, not to be afraid of raids and detentions, not to imagine how you will spend your days in jail, not to abandon your loved ones on the run, to trust those around you, and to openly spread your ideas and practices.

Have a successful fight!

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