Anti-fascist murdered in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

18th of November 2011, 17-year old anti-fascist Mikhail Norokha was murdered in Dnepropetrovsk of Ukraine. His body was found 8 meters from an abandonded, 16 floor house. He deceased due to multiple fractures and internal bleeding, which resulted from a falling. Although he falled to his back, his nose was broken and he also had scratches in his face. Also, there were remains of pepper gas in his clothes, and his coat was torn, which is additional proof that this was not a suicide. Also, Mikhail had his mobile phone, documents and money left with him – murderers took nothing from him.

Mikhail was assaulted by Nazis oftentimes in the past. He has been stabbed twice during the last couple of years. However, he was never afraid of anyone and he was always standing up for his opinions, in case someone had disagreements. Although he was often in a trouble in vicinity of the local football stadium, he kept supporting his favorite club.

Mikhail worked as an assistant of a priest. Currently police is investigating the case. There is no any evidence about the murderers, but anti-fascists of Dnepropetrovsk are certain, that this tragedy was caused by Nazis. We are making everything we can, in order to find out the truth, and to punish theperpetrators.

Rest in peace, brother

Anti-fascists of Dneproppetrovsk


Report from the trial of the armed group Revolutionary Struggle, Athens (Greece)

October 24 2011

Heavy accusations against the capitalist economic-social system and the urban system of power, the state and its persecutory mechanisms were made by the members of Revolutionary Struggle at the first (substantial) day of their trial, when the chairman gave them the word in order to place themselves in short concerning the charges. Their statements were anything but short. For over half an hour, Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and Kostas Gournas (we mention them according to how they mentioned in the court brief and in the order they spoke) addressed charges against the system and defended their political choices, transforming the room of the terror-court into a step for their opinions.

“If some are proven innocent, you can be sure that we will shout it out loud”, was the only comment made by the chairman N.Davros, after the end of the speeches of all defendants. A classic line of an experienced judge, that can see that the system which he serves (we mean also the juridical system) is under charges and his place (and his disposal, rather) does not allow him to argue. The course of the trial will show, if the chairman will try to imitate Margaritis, who in the trial of the [Revolutionary Organisation] – 17 November [17N] constantly made ideological and political interventions, or if it will be limited to the formal procedural limits. In this first ideological-political attack of the members of Revolutionary Struggle (R.S.), in any case, Mr Davros limited himself to this self-conscious and substantially apologetic comment.
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Global call for Action in Solidarity with vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan who is on hunger strike!

Dear friends and comrades,

This call is made for vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan who is struggling with death in a Turkish prison.

Imprisoned since last 20 years (and 10 more left), Osman spent his last 4 years in Kırıkkale F-type High Security Prison. Despite all efforts that has been made, the prison authorities don’t give Osman the healthy and nutritious vegan food that he deserves and requests. Therefore, he is on hunger strike for an undetermined time since the November 4th.

As comrades of Osman, we call all our comrades, friends and supports throughout the world to act in solidarty with Osman who is resisting against the repression apparatus of the Turkish prison system.




Anarchist friends of Osman


Evcan is a political prisoner in Turkey kept in high security solitary confinement prison. Due to his anarchist political and ethical convictions, Evcan became a vegan (strict vegetarian who avoids all animal products) eight years ago.

Since the Turkish authorities do not respect his right to pursue a vegan diet, Evcan has been suffering from variety of health issues as he is not getting enough vegan food to eat and he is unable to pursue a balanced diet.

In a letter he wrote from prison, Evcan mentions prison authorities giving him food in an unhygienic state and there have been instances where harmful additives and chemicals have been intentionally added to his food.

In his last letter on the 6th of November 2011, Evcan added that on an arbitrary basis, prison officers have not being providing him with e scorts, so that he misses medical appointments. Having already boycotted the prison food and managing by purchasing his own food at prison cafeteria, he says in his last letter that he needs to strengthen his attitude to be heard. Therefore he started an on-going hunger strike on 4 November 2011 for an indefinite time until his demands are met.

Write to him [do not expect a reply though!]:

Osman Evcan
F Tipi Kapalı Cezaevi,
Oda No: B-8 71480
Hacılar/Kırıkkale TURKEY

The blog of the campaign is:

The English edition can be accessed here:

First call of support for Osman:

Solidarity with Cristobal Franke (Chile)

On Friday 28 October, our comrade Cristobal Franke (“Mono”), was beaten by three prison guards.

The situation occurred around 16:45 pm, Mono was dozing in his cell when the bastards entered carrying out a search. When one of them asked if he had something of value, Cristobal says “yes”, “their money”. The guards replied without humour by beating Mono and throwing him down a flight of stairs.

He suffered blows to his head, chest and extremities. He remained unconscious for a while and was vomiting. Paramedics of the unit have not taken the necessary care.

Then he was transferred to a cage where he suffered punishment, irregular heart beat and respiratory problems. He is completely without communication and without food.

They want to take away his next visiting rights. The punished remains there with the excuse of disrespect to the disgusting Authority.

We can not allow this. Do not remain indifferent and show solidarity, it may not be repeated.

Strength to Mono!