Activists detained during antinuclear action in Minsk

Activists from Belarus and Germany arrested brutally at peaceful anti-nuclear action

Minsk, 25th April, 18.35 belarussian time. 6 activists from germany and 5 activists from Belarus, as well as one activist from Poland have been brutally arrested.

Around 40 activists have protested peacefully against the construction of the first nuclear power in Ostrovetz, Belarus. They held banners saying «Chernobyl, Fukushima — Ostrovets?» and «We are against nuclear power plants» and gave out leaflets. There were two flashmobs – the first lasted around 5 min.

However, the second flashmob was interrupted immediately. After around one minute two vehicles with civil police stopped, as well as a red prisoner’s transport. Peaceful protestors were thrown to the ground and arrested using brutal force.

More about the action see at Indymedia

All in all 12 people were arrested – 6 Germans (Juliane Grinetz, Andreas Schelhas, Janina Rolik, Guede Hansen, Jan Hendrik Krop, Katrin Heinrich)

5 Belarusians (Alena Vitko, Ihar Bahachak, Aliaksandr Buhaeu, Jahor Jaromenka, Siarhei Sliusar)

1 polish – Dorota Kubaszewska

Yesterday there was a trial, belarusians are released with fines of 150 euros each.

The Polish girl and the Germans got fines and are to be deported, but the decision is not made yet and the people are held in a detention facility in Minsk.

UPD: On April 27th all foreigners were deported with the right to visit Belarus in 2 years only under condition that they pay out the fines.

Ihar Truhanovich was detained during the trial trying to take pictures of the face witnesses from the side of the accusation. He is put in prison for 10 days as a result.

Against all nuclear power installations! No newbuild of nuclear power plants — in Belarus or anywhere! Solidarity with political prisoners!

A call for common actions in solidarity with Belarusian anarchists on May 12-15

It’s been 7 months now since the “case of arsons” was started in Belarus. All this time our friends and comrades have been held behind the bars. Having started with random detentions of activists of radially different political views in September last year, the case is finally coming to an end – it is being brought to trial.

At the moment 7 people targeted in the investigation of “the anarchists’ case” are staying under arrest.

Mikalai Dziadok is charged with *the organisation of an illegal anti-militarist demonstration in September 2009 against a mutual Russian-Belarusian war exercise, when a Joint Staff was attacked with a smoke grenade; *the attack on a Minsk casino in December 2009 as a protest against growing social inequality; *an attack on the Headquarters of the Trade Union Federation on the 1st May with the statement that the state and this formal organisation uses workers in its interests, and doesn’t defend their rights, often preventing workers from cooperating with each other and organising  strikes. Mikalai can face 10 years of imprisonment. Continue reading A call for common actions in solidarity with Belarusian anarchists on May 12-15