Antifascist from Belarus needs your support!

Vadim Boyko is an antifascist supporter of FC Partyzan from Minsk. He was detained on March 22, 2016 together with other people on suspicion of participating in the attack on the right-wing hooligans that happened about two years ago. His trial is set for February 3, 2017 and we ask for financial support to pay the legal advice. The approximate cost of the legal aid for him is 5000 euros, part of which has already been covered by us.

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Maxim Yahnieshka

Maxim Yahnieshka is an antifascist from Grodno. On September 7 he was sentenced to 3 years of custodial restraint for a fight with right-wing hooligans (art. 186 Threat of homicide, malicious bodily harm or property destruction) and for robbing another hooligan of his hat (art. 206.2 Robbery with threat of violence + art. 339.1 Hooliganism). Continue reading Maxim Yahnieshka

Azerbaijan: Final Speech Of Anarchist Giyas Ibrahim

Anarchist Giya Ibrahim was sentenced to 10 years of prison for alleged possession of drugs. But really he was detained for painting a graffiti on a monument to the former dictator. Here is his final speech in court.

I prepared a speech, but my written documents were confiscated.
I am not going to defend myself with regard to the charges brought against me. The crime I committed is as white as the graffiti spray I used. The real reason why I am here is that I as a young student dared to protest against lies of the political system and nihilist mind existing in this state, the country that I belong to. Continue reading Azerbaijan: Final Speech Of Anarchist Giyas Ibrahim