(Русский) Суд по делу Трухановича продолжится 11 мая


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(Русский) Попытки вербовки активистов ФНБ

Активиста кампании «Еда вместо бомб» сотрудники КГБ вербовали прямо в деканате университета.

К активисту кампании «Еда вместо бомб», задержанному во время акции по раздаче еды у станции метро «Восток» в Минске 15 января, сотрудники КГБ пришли по месту учебы (Белорусский национальный технический университет – БНТУ) и предлагали сотрудничество. Имя активиста ПЦ «Вясна», который распространил эту информацию,  не приводит в интересах его безопасности. (more…)

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(Русский) Игорь Труханович: В следующий раз я буду еще более решительным


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(Русский) “Аўтазакі замест ежы”


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(Русский) Репортаж телеканала “Белсат” о задержаниях на концерте в ДК МТЗ


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(Русский) С задержанных на концерте опять требуют объяснений


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(Русский) Видео и фото с суда над задержанными на концерте в поддержку ФНБ


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Detentions and prosecutions against the initiative ‘Food Not Bombs’ in Minsk

From the first months of the initiative ‘Food Not Bombs’ in Minsk, the participants were faced with police attention. Initially, these ‘encounters’ were irregular and probably coincidental. But since the end of 2009 the police was deliberately attending food distribution. ABC Belarus collected references to these situations from open sources, describing only part of all the events, in order to give some idea about the development and escalation of the conflict.
The first food distribution of Food Not Bombs in Minsk was held in the summer of 2005. The cops attended the place of the action a month later, when some people from the neighbourhood called the police patrol. Soon, the participants were forced to relocate because of the fights between two men who came to eat, which provoked the police to stop the distribution. After the change of the meeting place, the police often appeared, but without any consequences. The rank and file police officers have not been interested in the initiative; they usually spoke a couple of standard phrases, or copied the IDs of the people, and then left. The movement evolved, with a new group. In early 2009 members of the groups began to distribute food in Mikhailovsky Park, near the train station. (more…)

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Minsk courts convict attendees of benefit concert

Today, Minsk Tsentralny District Court has considered the administrative charges brought against the teenagers arrested during the “Food Not Bombs” benefit concert held in the city’s MTZ Palace of Culture on 24 March.

All of them faced charges under Art. 17.1 of the Administrative Code (“disorderly conduct”):

Aliaksandr Yarashevich – BYR 105,000 fine;

Mikita Ulasenka – BYR 175,000 fine;

Yauhen Ulasenka – BYR 140,000 fine;

Yauhen Rubashka – BYR 175,000 fine;

Uladzimir Dzmitrakou – BYR 175,000 fine;

Pavel Dziarkach – BYR 140,000 fine;

Pavel Hrynevich – 2 days of arrest;

Zmitser Kharlanchuk – 2 days of arrest;

Pavel Belanau – 2 days of arrest;

Andrei Stsiapanau – 2 days of arrest;

Aliaksandr Pedash – 2 days of arrest;

Dzmitry Hurau – BYR 70,000 fine;

Alena Dubovik – 3 days of arrest.

Ihar Trukhanovich was badly beaten during the arrest and is still in hospital.

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100 detained in benefit concert over drug suspicion

Around a hundred people have been reportedly detained during a concert in support of the “Food Not Bombs” international campaign held in Minsk MTZ Palace of Culture this evening.

The detainees were taken to various police departments. As of 10 p.m., all the women except one (Alena Dubovik is said to be facing administrative charges, and was therefore taken to a detention center) were released without charges.

The incident reportedly dealt with drug suspicion. The detentions were accompanied with police-related violence, reports say. One of the detainees Ihar Trukhanovich was beaten by the police and was later taken to hospital in an ambulance.

The names of those taken to Minsk detention center in Akrestsin Street: Mikita Ulasenka, Yauhen Ulasenka, Yauhen Rubashka, Uladzimir Dzmitrakou, Pavel Dziarkach, Pavel Hrynevich, Dzmitry Kharlanchuk, Pavel Belanau, as well as journalist of Radio Racyja Aliaksandr Yarashevich.

“Food, Not Bombs” is an all-volunteer global movement that shares free vegan meals as a protest to war and poverty.

The campaign’s activists have encountered constant pressure from the authorities of Belarus. The country’s Interior Ministry and the KGB have repeatedly stopped the serving of free food to the homeless of Minsk and Brest.

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