Overview of solidarity actions with Belarusian anarchists

На призыв к солидарности с беларускими анархистами откликнулись товарищи из нескольких городов Беларуси и других стран. Вот их краткий обзор за весь февраль:

Гродненскими анархистами была проведена графити-акция солидарности в связи последними задержаниями анархистов и антифашистов Беларуси.


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Belarusian prisoners’ news. February 2015

Jauhen Vas’kovich received his first meeting with mother for last four years of imprisonment. Meeting continued one day and took place in Mogilev colony, where political prisoner was transferred at the end of last year from prison.In prison Jauhen works in sewing manufacture and hopes that for absence of trespassing and his efforts he may be released before the term of imprisonment.On 26th of February he celebrated his 24th anniversary. It’s his fourth birthday in prison. (more…)

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Mikalai Dziadok sentenced to 1 more year in prison

dedokOn February 26 the criminal case of the political prisoner Mikalai Dziadok was tried in Mahilyou prison. He was charged with violation of the rules of serving the sentence under Article 411 of the Criminal Code of Belarus.

Dziadok was charged with 16 violations of prison rules, such as wearing sportswear suit instead of prison uniform, sleeping after “Wakey” signal, not sleeping after lockdown, talking to prisoners from other cells.

The prosecutor asked the court to punish Mikalai Dziadok by 1 year in a maximum security penal colony. It is a maximum term under this article. The defence noted that such cases are extremely rare and can never be started because of such minor violations. The lawyer asked the court to justify Mikalai. As a result, Judge Ihar Shvedau sentenced the political prisoner to one more year in prison. Besides, he is to serve four days out of his four-and-a-half-year term. (more…)

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Anarchist Emma Sheppard sentenced to 2 years imprisonment

Emma-Sheppard1Anarchist prisoner, Emma Sheppard was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on Tuesday 24th February 2015 at Bristol Crown Court for committing criminal damage recklessly endangering life.

The charge relates to criminal damage of police cars in the Bristol area.

Please write letters of solidarity to:

Emma Sheppard
HMP Eastwood Park
Church Avenue
GL12 8DB

Emma can receive cards, stamps and stationary.

For donations, news & any other solidarity efforts email: bristol_abc@riseup.net


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Show your ass to the authorities: call for solidarity with Belarusian anarchists from 25th February to 1st March


Solidarity action in Minsk with the people detained at a punk concert. Poster reads: I am a SWAT officer, I don’t give a fuck about the law.

See SPANISH below

The forth presidential term of Alexander Lukashenko will expire in 2015. In 21 years Lukashenko has managed to suppress almost all social struggles in the country, kill several political opponents in the 90s, and eradicate nearly all of the official opposition. Lukashenko didn’t allow Belarusian society to transcend the limits of Soviet mentality. Any complaint or criticism of the government are met with repression from the police or the KGB. Any attempts of organizing face with prosecution and hysteria from the state. The policy of the government can be described simply as follows: “Everything that cannot be controlled must be destroyed”. At this moment Belarusian state is slowly but steadily getting to the extermination of any dissent or independent thinking.


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Belarusian prisoners’ news. January 2015

January 13 was officially the last day of investigation of the new case against Mikalai Dziadok. It lasted 2 months – they needed this long to investigate the alleged disobedience to lawful demands of the prison authorities. However, it turned out, that the investigator has questioned only the prison stuff, not a single cell-mate of Mikalai has been interrogated, who could comment on many facts. After a few days the prosecutor returned the case for further inquiry. Thus, the trial is postponed indefinitely. Meanwhile, Mikalai’s previous term runs out in a month. It’s highly probable that this protraction is done deliberately, to exhaust the prisoner and his relatives, and then to try him during his last days in prison. (more…)

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You suspect the wrong people: new wave of solidarity with detained anarchists in Minsk

Untitled-1--7_largeFive action in a row have been organised on January 29 in support of anarchists, arrested in Minsk for alleged resistance to the police about a week ago. In fact all of them were detained on suspicion of participation in solidarity actions with other activists, who had been arrested at a punk concert and accused of distribution of extremist literature.

According to the activists, by these action they wanted to show that the 4 arrested people are not the ones who had organised the actions on January 16. The police and the judicial system don’t aim at detecting or preventing crimes, the strive to suppress any demonstration of nonconformity. (more…)

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Four people arrested after solidarity actions with arestees of New Year Punk Gig in Minsk

Untitled-2On January 20-21 four activists were arrested in Minsk after solidarity actions with people previously arrested at New Year Punk Party in Minsk. One person was captured by the police at the prison gates, when people came to meet their comrades, who were supposed to be released after 10 days of arrest they were sentenced to after the concert.

Four people were sentenced to 15 days in prison for disobeying police orders. Some activists connect the continuation of repressions with solidarity actions that were carried out on January 16. That day several autonomous anarchist groups organised protest actions in three places simultaneously: at the Court where their comrades had been tried, at the Prison where they had been kept and at the Police station which had been in charge of the raid. There they made a picture with hands behind their heads to show their protest against the police raid at the New Year Punk Gig and the following detention of three people that were doing distro tables during the concert.

After the concert police officers started visiting people that gave their IDs during the gig privately as well. Anarchist Black Cross Belarus reports at least about one person who got official warning of unacceptable extremist activity. Several more people reported police attempts to meet them or arrange “private” talks.


“I am a SWAT officer, I don’t give a fuck about laws”


“I am a judge, I disregard the law”


“I am an extremist, my conscience is clean”

With elections in Belarus getting closer repressions against the local anarchist movement intensify. Only in January all in all seven people were arrested six of which got from 10 to 15 days in prison. All these people face or will face problems at work, some of them had to change their workplace because of the previous arrests.

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(Русский) Брест: Дмитрию Званько укоротили срок по амнистии

Brest antifashist Dzmitry Zvan’ko, sentenced to 5 years of prison for a fight with neonazis, got his sentence commuted by 1 year as a result of amnesty 2014. It became possible because his friends and relatives paid off the fine of 3000 euro to the injured neonazi. Dzmitry is grateful for this support.

Now he is back to the penal colony after having been transferred from a pre-trial facility, where he had been kept due to the reopening of the case. You can reach him at:

225295 Brestskaya oblast


p/b 22, IK-22


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Solidarity with anarcho-punks in Minsk in Wargasm Collective’s concert in Istanbul

Last night, Wargasm Collective organized a concert in which hardcore punk/thrash band The Truth (Serbia), anarko punk/crust band Bosonogo Djetinjstvo (Croatia) and punk rock/hardcore punk band Poster-iti took stage. Aside from wonderfulness of the bands which took stage and wild dance energies of audiences, the solidarity that showed to anarcho-punks in Belarus made the made more meaningful. During concert, there were solidarity calls for anarcho-punks who are arrested and repressed by police during a punk concert in 10th of January. The message was read which Minsk anarchist sent to us and we distributed some communiques, stickers and banners about the repression in Belarus. Also people in concert hall shouted solidarity and support slogans for prisoners in Belarus and prisoners all over the world.

The income of Social War distro, as declared before, will be sent to comrades from Minsk soon. (more…)

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