Aleksandr Kolchenko: I am not a terrorist. I am a citizen of Ukraine.

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The story of this interview is different from how interviews are usually recorded. The person answering the questions is in the place not very accessible for journalists – Lefortovo Moscow Pretrial Detention Facility that is still known as RF FSB SIZO (RF FSB SIZO – pre-trial detention facility of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation – transl.).

Lefortovo is the prison that has both special detention conditions and special security measures.

Aleksandr Kolchenko from Crimea, one of the Lefortovo prisoners, celebrates his birthday at the end of November. The Crimean anti-fascist and social activist could never probably imagine spending this day in such a place.

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Repressions against Crimean activists: political context


Crimea peninsula in the Black Sea was a part of RSFSR(Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) and then since 1954 a part of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which were both members of USSR. After USSR collapse in 1991 the new independent state Ukraine received the territory of Crimean peninsula. Though, under the treaty between Ukraine and Russia there were considerable contingent of Russian navy on the territory.

On March, 2004, Russia redeployed supplementary units to Crimea and effectively annexed it, taking the opportunity of destabilization in Ukraine after Maidan protests. The considerable part of Crimean population concerned about possibility for nationalists to come into power in Kiev. They believed in promises to improve the economic situation in republic and supported the annexation. Most of Crimean population watch Russian TV-news which is continually broadcasting propaganda. On 11 March, 2014 the Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol town council signed a declaration of independence of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. The meeting of parliament was classified, the building was blocked by militants without decoration. At least such atmosphere can signify that deputies were under political pressure and the very secure of the quorum on that historical meeting can raise doubts. Read More

Prisoners in Russia

Aleksandr Kolchenko Sentenced to 10 years in prison for planning subversive attacks against Russian admonistration in the Crimea.

Address: 456612, Chelyabinskaya obl, Kopeisk, ul. Kemerovskaya, 20, IK-6, Kolchenko Aleksandru Aleksandrovichu

Ilya Romanov Sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Address: Ilya Eduardovich Romanov, 1967 g.r., 430003, Saransk, ul. Rabochaya 147, SIZO-1, Respublika Mordoviya, Russia

Buchenkov Dmitry Ran away from house arrest in November 2017.