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Акция солидарности с политзаключенными России и Беларуси в Питере

NeN6lRiCBrEВечером 5 мая группа питерских анархистов провела в центре города, у метро Чернышевская, акцию солидарности с заключенными товарищами в России и Беларуси. Мы не видим смысла ходить на легальные митинги в специально отведенных местах, мы не нуждаемся в согласованиях и разрешениях. Место выбрали знаковое – рядом “Большой дом” на Литейном, рядом Захарьевская, через Неву – “Кресты”. Развернули баннер, раздали листовки. Многие прохожие проявляли сочувствие и интерес. Когда листовки закончились, вывесили баннер рядом с метро. Акция прошла без задержаний. Continue reading Акция солидарности с политзаключенными России и Беларуси в Питере

Moscow court jails seven anti-Putin Bolotnaya activists

140224112917_bolotnaya_defendants_cage_512x288_afpA court in Russia has sentenced eight protesters for rioting and attacking police at a demonstration against Vladimir Putin’s inauguration for a third presidential term in 2012.

Seven of the “Bolotnaya” activists received prison terms of up to four years. An eighth, the only woman on trial, received a suspended sentence.

Outside the court in Moscow, police detained about 200 people who rallied in support of the defendants. Continue reading Moscow court jails seven anti-Putin Bolotnaya activists

Investigation committee claims student-reenactor terrorist

8th of june, investigation committee of Russian Federation announced, that home of 20 year old Stepan Zimin, who was detained as a suspect of having taken part to a riot at Bolotnaya square 6th of May was searched. According to police, a walkie-talkie, ski-mask, molotov cocktail and several passports were found. Stepan himself told his lawyer, Denis Deryukin, that during search only his own passport and army documents of his former flatmate were found. What comes to “molotov cocktail”, he said that it was just a bottle of acetone. Zimin is a student of Russian State Humanitarian University, and acetone is necessary to clean up his reenactement regalia. It is not illegal to own masks and walkie-talkies in Russia.

Defence lawyer also told, that an OMON riot police officer had given testimony, claiming to recognise that Zimin threw him with pieces of asphalt, and also broke his finger. Stepan is has not admitted being guilty, and he states that he did not took part of the rioting.

Stepan was among hundreds of other peoples, who got arrested 6th of may. He was originally charged with a misdemeanor according to statute 19.3 of the Russian Administrative Codex, and attempts of investigative committee to charge him with a felony are illegal, as it is not allowed to charge one according to both misdemeanor and felony charges. Continue reading Investigation committee claims student-reenactor terrorist