Belarusian prisoners’ news. March 2015

Dzmitry Zvanko’s mother visited him in colony. There were a lot of time to talk. Mother became quiet assured that his son is alive and healthy and not everything is as bad as shown in the movies. Dzmitry said that his colony will be disbanded. Only prisoners who sentenced for drugs will stay there bot most of people are already moved to another places. Meanwhile it’s unknown where Dzmitry will be transferred. We will inform you about it.

Dmitry Steshenko transferred from colony to prison in Brest because the case about his participation in fight with the far right, which took place on the 8th of May in 2013, was reopened. It’s happened because another defendant was detained. It is Roman Bogdan. Two weeks ago he was officially recognized as suspect in case.

Mikalai Dziadok, sentenced to another year of prison in February, issued an open letter in which he draws attention to the gross violations of the rights of those held in prisons, disadvantages and throw-backs of “correctional” institutions, as well as unfair punishment under Article 411 of the Criminal Code. He calles for everyone to influence the authoritarian situation in Belarus.

Ihar Alinevich was moved to another prison unit full of former prosecutors and judges. He is doing odd jobs at woodwork, which takes almost all his time, and it’s not enough for reading and writing letters. Generally, it takes about 18 days to receive a letter from him, calls are permitted once a three months.

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