Arrests of antifascits in Brest

Late evening 8 of may in Brest, Belarus the fight between antifascists and nazis happened. The reason for the fight was a nazi provocation. One of the nazi starts to rise his hand in roman salut and shout “Zieg Heil” and “White Power”. Antifascists was better skilled in fight, so one of the nazis got hospitalised.

Begginning from evening 9 of may cops started the arrests of antifascists they knew. First the flats of two antifascists were searched, their computers and laptops where taken and guys get detained for 10 day terms. At the morning 10 of may searches continued. Four more flats where searched and again computers and some personal things where taken by police. One of the antifascists wasn’t at home, so he remain free and three others where detained.

One of the detained antifascists Vladimir Dudorga was threatened by KGB officers before because of his active antifascist position.

The last thing arrested people was able to said was that cops use violent tortures to them trying to push them to give “right” evidence.

11 of may one more antifascist was arrested and two more are wanted.

For the moment there are 6 antifascists arrested in brest. Police started criminal case against them on &339 part 3 “the hooliganism in group with hard bodily injuries”. They can get thrown to jail for up to 7 years.
We ask you for solidarity.

You can put the money for lawyers on webmoney wallet # Z253916356274 in US dollars.

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