Prisoners in Russia

Aleksandr Kolchenko Sentenced to 10 years in prison for planning subversive attacks against Russian admonistration in the Crimea. Address: 456612, Chelyabinskaya obl, Kopeisk, ul. Kemerovskaya, 20, IK-6, Kolchenko Aleksandru Aleksandrovichu

Ilya Romanov Sentenced to 10 years in prison. Address: Ilya Eduardovich Romanov, 1967 g.r.,  431130, p. Lepley, FKU IK-22, Zubovo-Polyansky r-n, Respublika Mordoviya, Russia

Alexey Sutuga Alexei is in prison. He was sentenced to 3 years and 1 month in the prison settlement. Address: Alexey Sutuga Ispravitelnaya Koloniya № 2, Pervy Promyshlenniy massiv, kvartal 47, d. 6, g. Angarsk, 665809 Irkutskaya oblast, Russia

Buchenkov Dmitry In custody under ‘Bolotnaya case’. Address: 125130, Moskva, ul. Vyborgskaya, 20, SIZO ‘Vodnik’, Buchenkovu Dmitriyu Yevgenievichu

New addresses of the prisoners (UPDATED)

Dedok Nikolai Aleksandrovich / Dziadok Mikalai Aliaksandravich* IK-15, 213105, Mogilev, p/o Veino, Slavgorodskoe shosse, 5 km, otr. 4 BELARUS

Frantskevich Aleksandr Vladimirovich / Frantskevich Aliaksandr Uladzimiravich* IK-22 “Volchi nory”, 225295 , Brestskaya obl., Ivatsevichski r-n, st. Domanovo, otr. 2 BELARUS

Olinevich Igor Vladimirovich / Alinevich Ihar Uladzimiravich* IK-10, 211445, Vitebskaya obl., Novopolotsk, ul. Tekhnicheskaya, 8, otr. 12 BELARUS

Vaskovich Evgeni Sergeevich / Vas’kovich Jauhen Siarheevich (KGB attack)* IK-15, 213105, Mogilev, p/o Veino, Slavgorodskoe shosse, 5 km, otr. 10 BELARUS

Prokopenko Artsiom /Prakapenka Artsiom IK-17, 213004, Shklov, Mogilevskaya obl., otr. 15 BELARUS

Syromolotov Pavel / Syramolatau Pavel IK-19, 213030, Mogilev, Slavgorodskoe shosse, 3 km BELARUS

* The names are given both in Russian and Belarusian, but we recommend to use the first one (Russian), as the prison register is conducted in Russian.

Write an online letter to a prisoner

From now on you can write letters to the imprisoned anarchists in belarus online. Just send the letter to us using this form – We will print it out and send it to the prisoners.

In Belarusian prisons the letter written in other languages but Russian or Belarusian may not reach the recipient. We can translate your letter from English into Russian and send it to the prisoner so he will be able to get your letter.

This saves time of the normal letter delivery if you send it from other countries.

They need your support badly.

Petition in defence of belarus imprisoned anarchists

As the economic situation is getting worse in Belarus Loukashenko is forced to go to extremes – negotiate financial support from the West. Yet, cooperation with the EU is only possible if all political prisoners are set free. There is an abyss behind him, so he has to make some steps forward: he has already pardoned 13 participants of the 19.12.2010 demonstration on their appeal.

Now pressure is being born upon those who remain in prison and refuse to ask for mercy. We regard this as a positive tendency, what causes our concern is the fact that at present the list of political prisoners only contains the names of the 19.12.2010 demonstration and the Mlady Front members arrested the day before. At the same time, activists convicted in connection with the so-called “Case of Belarus anarchists” arrested during the election campaign of the current president remain in custody.
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