On the Way to Magadan: Ihar Alinevich awarded

On December, 10, the International Human Rights Day, the Belarusian PEN Centre and Radio Liberty announced the winners of Frantsishak Aliakhnovich award for the best work written in prison. Ironically, as the award is often called ‘prisonous’ its founders would like it to become a thing of the past as soon as possible.

The jury state that in the course of selection procedure they were guided by artistic values of the books rather than the description of prison’s grave realities. (more…)

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Ihar Alinevich’s prison diary is available in foreign languages

Publishing collective ‘Padical Theory & Practice’ issued a new edition of Ihar Alinevich’s prison diary ‘On the Way to Magadan’.

The book is popular not only among Russian-speaking public. It was translated into Belarusian, Bosnian, Polish, English, French and Spanish; the translation in German is underway. Here are the links for download:






German (the article ‘The Corporation’)

Belarusian + audiobook (voice – Ihar’s mother)

Russian (more…)

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One more possibility to donate to ABC-Belarus through paypal

fistFrom now on ABC-Belarus will be accepting donations via Paypal. Our account for transfer: belarus_abc@riseup.net. We do understand that paypal has a long history of bad moves towards political movements but for now we see it as one of possibilities for people to donate ABC activity. Please do notify us if you make any transaction

You can find other means of donations on “Donate” page.

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Ask Aliaksandar Frantskievich a question

францкевічNow you can directly ask questions Aliaksandar Frantskievich, who recently got out in prison, where he spend last 3 years – http://ask.fm/frantskevich

Details of his case can be found on our website – http://abc-belarus.org/?p=37&lang=en

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Вышла книга Игоря Олиневича “Еду в Магадан”


Издательством “Радикальная теория и практика” издана книга белорусского анархиста Игоря Олиневича “Еду в Магадан”. Не спешите заказывать книгу из России, в ближайшее время она будет доступна в Беларуси.

Игорь Олиневич – белорусский политзаключенный анархист. В конце ноября 2010 года был задержан в Москве по подозрению в организации атаки на российское посольство в Минске, которая произошла в августе того же года. Последовательно отрицал все обвинения, но признал себя активным участником анархического движения. В мае 2011 года был приговорен к 8 годам лишения свободы в колонии усиленного режима по обвинению в участии в нескольких акциях прямого действия, направленных против государственных структур. Обвинение строилось на показаниях участников и исполнителей этих акций, а также некоторых свидетелей. До суда содержался в СИЗО КГБ, так называемой “Американке”, которая известна своей закрытостью, а также физическими и психологическими пытками в отношении содержащихся под стражей. (more…)

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Daniel McGowan released from prison!

Earth Liberation Front political prisoner and Rockaway native Daniel McGowan was released from the Communication Management Unit (CMU) in Terre Haute, Indiana this morning. He was driven by federal authorities to Indianapolis International Airport, where he met up with his wife.

Though the two have been able to visit during Daniel’s imprisonment, today marked the first time in years that they could hug, hold hands, or make any physical contact (save for a few month stint when Daniel was in general population in Marion, Illinois– between the CMU there and the one in Terre Haute). The two flew back to New York City together, where they were met by a small group of close friends at the airport. (more…)

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(Русский) «Обними меня крепче». Проза Александра Францкевича

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(Русский) «Двушечка». Зона исправления для Pussy Riot

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(Русский) Оружие и закон: белорусские реалии


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(Русский) Игорь Олиневич: Дневник политзаключенного (20)

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