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Istanbul: Fascist newspaper wrote, police raided and arrested anarchists

infialAnarchist space infiAl Collective was sealed off by police. Three people from İnfiAl were taken into custody and some posters were seized with the reason that they were criminal and includes threats and insults against President Erdogan and other parliamentarians.

Following infiAl’s announcement of self-defence workshops will be done, islamist fascist Vahdet newspaper mobilized the police by publishing a report with the title “Anarchist are preparing themselves for civil war” and police raided infiAl which is a place that anarchists get together in Beyoğlu. Continue reading Istanbul: Fascist newspaper wrote, police raided and arrested anarchists

Czech: Interview with an activist detained during Operation Fenix

durand-web1Tomas Z. describes himself as an ecological activist from Olomouc region. His most “hardcore terrorist actions” include guerilla gardening ( he planted couple of plants to other person’s land without their consent) and unconventional creation of cyclepath. On April 28th he was one of eleven people detained by Counter Organised Crime Unit of the Czech Police (UOOZ) during the undercover operation called Fenix. The police is convinced that 30 year old activist is one of the leaders of Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB). According to police, SRB supposedly planned to attack trains transporting either military equipment or Hyundai cars with Molotov cocktails. Detention of Tomas Z. was justified with his alleged connection to destroyed police car in the city of Litvinov. Tomas Z. proclaimed this allegation to be nonsense and absurd as well as his connection with SRB. During incriminated period he was not living in the Czech Republic and police was most likely aware of that. Following interview will shed the light on practises of police which seem to be filled with fabricated pre-requisitions for the detention, at least in his case. These practises are commonly employed by police in “war against terror” around the world and now successfully practised in Czech national security services.

Continue reading Czech: Interview with an activist detained during Operation Fenix

Call for solidarity with Czech anarchists

IMG_5057-833x540Taken from antifenix.noblogs.org

Prague, Czech Rebublic:

Police repressions, anarchists are charged with preparation of terrorist acts

“No repression can stop a longing for freedom!”

With ‘Operation Fenix’ came the biggest wave of police repressions against the anarchist and radical left movement in the recent czech history.

Taking people early in the morning hours, accusations of preparation of terrorist acts and confiscation of a server, which held several activists’ sites, all came with ‘Operation Fenix’ which started on Tuesday, 28th of April. Anti-extremist police is actively trying to frighten the anarchist and anti-authoritarian left scene and collecting information in a fishing expedition. Continue reading Call for solidarity with Czech anarchists

Czech Republic: repressions go on, Prague squat evicted

cibulka-se-nevzdávaToday police evicted the Prague only squatted place Cibulka. In a massive raid 200 cops with water-cannon and even helicopter arrested at least 12 people, at least 4 people were injured. There were around 50 people presented in the place when police came, most of them left the premises voluntarily. Four people occupied the roof but were forcibly removed. It is still unclear what exactly happened as police closed the whole area around. At least four people are in hospital now. At least 12 people are being held. Continue reading Czech Republic: repressions go on, Prague squat evicted