Show your ass to the authorities: call for solidarity with Belarusian anarchists from 25th February to 1st March


Solidarity action in Minsk with the people detained at a punk concert. Poster reads: I am a SWAT officer, I don’t give a fuck about the law.

See SPANISH below

The forth presidential term of Alexander Lukashenko will expire in 2015. In 21 years Lukashenko has managed to suppress almost all social struggles in the country, kill several political opponents in the 90s, and eradicate nearly all of the official opposition. Lukashenko didn’t allow Belarusian society to transcend the limits of Soviet mentality. Any complaint or criticism of the government are met with repression from the police or the KGB. Any attempts of organizing face with prosecution and hysteria from the state. The policy of the government can be described simply as follows: “Everything that cannot be controlled must be destroyed”. At this moment Belarusian state is slowly but steadily getting to the extermination of any dissent or independent thinking.


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Поздравьте Николая Дедка с Днем рождения!

Арестованные анархисты на суде23 августа заключенному анархисту Николаю Дедку исполнится 26 лет. Почти 4 года из них он провел за решеткой. Сейчас мы готовим видеоряд из поздравлений, которые прислали нам неравнодушные товарищи. Вы тоже можете поздравить Миколу лично.

Присылайте открытки и письма по следующему адресу:

Дедку Николаю Александровичу

212011, г. Могилев, ул. Крупской, 99А, тюрьма №4, камера 128

или воспользуйтесь онлайн-формой.

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[en] [ fr] Make a video-congratulation for Belarusian anarchist prisoner Mikalai Dziadok!


ачкAugust 23 is not only the day of execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, but also the birthday of another imprisoned anarchist from Belarus Mikalai Dziadok. This is also the first day of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. This day he will turn 26 and this will be his 4th birthday behind the bars. We want to make him a video-postcard, where people form different countries and cities, in different languages congratulate him on this day. We call you to record a short video, alone or with friends, inside or outside, using words or showing slogans. For many of you this can be the only opportunity to express solidarity with Mikalai.

We accept the videos by August 1st at, then we’ll make a compilation of them all and put it on our website. Mind that it’s going to appear online, so take precautions if you want to hide your identity. Mikalai won’t be able to see this vidoe in prison, but we believe he will be astonished by it when he gets out of prison on next March.

Mikalai Dziadok is a Belarusian anarchist. On May 27, 2011 was found guilty of the attack on the casino “Shangri La”, the attack on the Trade Union Federation building and the participation in the anti-militarist manifestation near the General Staff and sentenced to 4.5 years of standard regime penal colony for group hooliganism. After 2 years of sentence transferred to a high-security prison.

Here is a sample video by comrades from Zaragoza, Spain


Le 23 août n’est pas que le date de l’exécution de Sacco et Vanzetti, mais aussi l’anniversaire d’un autre anarchiste emprisonné de Biélorussie : Mikalai Dziadok. C’est aussi le premier jour de la Semaine Internationale de Solidarité avec les Prisonnier·es Anarchistes ( Ce jour là il fêtera ses 26 ans et ce sera son 4ème anniversaire derrière les barreaux. Nous voulons lui faire une carte postale vidéo où des gens de différents pays et villes lui souhaite bon anniversaire en différentes langues. Nous vous appelons à enregistrer une courte vidéo, seul·e ou en bande, à l’intérieur ou à l’extérieur, avec des mots ou en brandissant des slogans. Pour beaucoup d’entre vous c’est peut-être la seule occasion d’exprimer votre solidarité avec Mikalai.

Nous acceptons les vidéos jusqu’au 1er août à , ensuite nous les regrouperons dans une compilation et les mettrons sur notre site web. Rappelez-vous qu’elle apparaîtra sur internet alors prenez des précautions pour masquer votre identité. Mikalai ne pourra pas voir cette vidéo en prison, mais nous pensons qu’elle le ravira quand il sortira de prison en mars prochain.

Mikalai Dziadok est un anarchiste biélorusse. Le 27 mai 2011, il a été reconnu coupable de l’attaque du casino “Shangri La” (, de l’attaque contre le bâtiment de la Fédération des Syndicats ( et de la participation à la manifestation antimilitariste aux abords de l’État-Major ( et condamné à 4,5 ans de régime standard en colonie pénitentiaire pour hooliganisme en réunion. Après 2 ans de sa peine il a été transféré dans un quartier de haute sécurité.

Voici un exemple d’une vidéo de camarades de Saragosse en Espagne. ( Et une autre de Toulouse :



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Call out for an International Week for Anarchist Prisoners

2bIn summer 2013 members of several ABC groups discussed the necessity of introducing an International Day for Anarchist Prisoners. Given there are already established dates for Political Prisoners Rights Day or Prison Justice Day, we found it important to emphasise the stories of our comrades as well. Many imprisoned anarchists will never be acknowledged as ‘political prisoners’ by formal human-rights organisations, because their sense of social justice is strictly limited to the capitalist laws which are designed to defend the State and prevent any real social change. At the same time, even within our individual communities, we know so little about the repression that exists in other countries, to say nothing of the names and cases involving many of our incarcerated comrades.

This is why we have decided to introduce an annual Week for Anarchist Prisoners on August 23-30. We chose August 23 as a starting point, because on that very day in 1927 the Italian-American anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed in prison. (more…)

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Bolivia: International Day of Solidarity for the May 29 Case

Absolution for the May 29 defendants! No highway through TIPNIS! Freedom for all prisoners!

On May 29, 2012, 13 people were arrested by police in La Paz, Bolivia. All of them were connected to anarchist participation in the defense of TIPNIS, an indigenous territory and national park. The 13 were accused of a series of arsons, bombings, and sabotage claimed by the Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front (FAI-FRI). The actions, occurring from September 2011 to May 2012, targeted government buildings, banks, car companies, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and animal industries. Some of the attacks were claimed in solidarity with the struggle to defend TIPNIS, others in solidarity with comrades facing repression in Chile, others in support of animal liberation.

Faced with lengthy prison sentences for the charges of Terrorism and Attempted Murder, five people decided to snitch on others to save their skin. The snitches were rewarded with release or house arrest. Other detainees were released due to lack of connection with the case. Only one detainee refused to give a statement to the police. Two anarchists remain in prison, awaiting trial. According to Bolivian law, they may wait as long as three years.

The leftwing government of Evo Morales is intent on continuing the same capitalist development projects of its predecessor, often on a greater scale. In this case, they are building a bioceanic highway through the rainforest, destroying indigenous territory in the process. In the fall of 2011, the government repressed the 8th Indigenous March in defense of TIPNIS with beatings and arrests. Now they are trying to portray the fiery sabotage of the anarchists as “terrorism.”

This is one of the first usage of antiterrorist laws by the Bolivian state, and as elsewhere, it is being used as a tool for political repression. The only evidence the government has are the words of snitches, anarchist literature, and the fact that those arrested participated in protests in solidarity with TIPNIS. The government prosecution has also been based in xenophobia, using connections with “foreigners” as proof of wrongdoing.

On May 29, one year will have passed since the arrests. We are calling for a day of international solidarity to show the Bolivian government, and all governments, that we do not forget. Our actions must show our determination to win the immediate release of the two comrades still in prison, absolution for all those facing charges, and an end to the highway. We will continue struggling as long as anyone is behind bars.

Absolution for the May 29 defendants! No highway through TIPNIS! Freedom for all prisoners!

Строительство магистрали в Типнисе

Строительство магистрали в Типнисе


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An appeal from the Russian leftists to their comrades in the struggle:

Today we, the representatives of Russian leftist organizations, turn
to our comrades all over the world with an appeal for solidarity. This
call and your response to it are very important to us. Right now we
are facing not just another instance of dubious sentencing by the
Russian “justice” system or another case of a human life broken by the
encounter with the state’s repressive apparatus. Today the authorities
have launched against us a repressive campaign without precedent in
the recent history of Russia, a campaign whose goal it is to
extinguish the left as an organized political force. The recent
arrests, threats, beatings, aggressive media attacks and moves towards
declaring leftist groups illegal all point to the new general strategy
on the part of the authorities, much more cruel and much less
predictable than that of recent years.


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23.09 Belarusian Political Prisoners Solidarity Demo, London

Sunday. September 23rd.

1pm — 5pm.

Embassy of Belarus

6 Kensington Court. London. W8 5DL.

Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington.

Release All Political Prisoners.

The Belarusian embassy will be open on Sunday September 23rd for voting in the parliamentary elections.


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Call for solidarity with imprisoned comrades from Belarus – IAF-IFA

Call for solidarity with imprisoned comrades from Belarus

It has been a long time since the last call for solidarity with the Belarusian anarchists appeared. Today we have to admit that the new wave of solidarity is needed urgently to help them out from the prison. That’s why we call you to participate in days of action in solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners on 22nd-23rd of September (parliament election day is 23rd) .

The activists Ihar Alinevich, Mikalai Dziadok, Artsiom Prakapenka, Pavel Syramolatau, Aliaksandr Frantskievich, Jauhen Vas’kovich that were detained in autumn 2010 and winter 2011 and then sentenced to 3 to 8 years of prison in May 2011 for a series of attacks on state and capital symbols are finishing their second year in jail. During this time their comrades and relatives did their best to help them feel comfortable in custody and set them free. In October 2011 they were acknowledged political prisoners by right-watch organizations. This fact gave them bigger chances to be freed as soon as possible, because at the moment the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, faces pressure from the European Union with the demands to set free all the political prisoners and decriminalize them. From August 2011 he has already pardoned more than 30 of them, but none of our comrades was granted freedom. Lukashenko said publicly, that he will pardon only those, who will write the petition for pardon, thus admitting their guilt and asking him personally for mercy. All the rest will remain in prison, he stated. In fact all imprisoned anarchists were many times asked if they want to sign such petition. Five of them refused to do it. Artsiom Prakapenka signed it under pressure but he is still in prison. Now there are 15 political prisoners left in Belarus, among them are 5 our comrades and 1 more, imprisoned for the action of solidarity with them. All the prisoners are experiencing different kinds of pressure from the administration of the prisons they are held in*, because Lukashenko wants to be a winner in this situation and make it as if it is not the EU that forces him to set free the political prisoners in fear of more political and economic sanctions, but as if it is his good will to pardon them, again only if they ask for it. We strongly oppose the fact that our comrades are now traded for benefits form the EU and condemn the pressure that they experience*. We call everybody to protest against these tortures and demand the immediate liberation of the political prisoners of Belarus, including anarchists.

We welcome solidarity actions of ANY kind starting from now on to accumulate amount of it on days of solidarity, we also ask you to make solidarity actions at least once a month if you find it possible even after the days of solidarity. We need constant pressure on the regime and the EU politicians in this situation.

The International of Anarchist Federations, August 2012. (more…)

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(Русский) Поздравьте Николая Дедка с Днем рождения!

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(Русский) Призыв к международным дням акций солидарности с осужденными в бунтах в Генуе в 2001 году


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