Belarusian prisoners’ news. April 2015.

Jauhen Vas’kovich met in colony with his mother and grandmother. As his mother said, her son looks better than before. He sends greetings to all. Parents carried him food parcel, hygiene and Bible. Next meeting with parents is planned in August. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. March 2015

Dzmitry Zvanko’s mother visited him in colony. There were a lot of time to talk. Mother became quiet assured that his son is alive and healthy and not everything is as bad as shown in the movies. Dzmitry said that his colony will be disbanded. Only prisoners who sentenced for drugs will stay there bot most of people are already moved to another places. Meanwhile it’s unknown where Dzmitry will be transferred. We will inform you about it. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. February 2015

Jauhen Vas’kovich received his first meeting with mother for last four years of imprisonment. Meeting continued one day and took place in Mogilev colony, where political prisoner was transferred at the end of last year from prison.In prison Jauhen works in sewing manufacture and hopes that for absence of trespassing and his efforts he may be released before the term of imprisonment.On 26th of February he celebrated his 24th anniversary. It’s his fourth birthday in prison. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. December 2014

As part of the investigation Mikalai Dziadok underwent psychiatric forensic examination in prison. Mikalai has been sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment within the frames of the so-called case of anarchists. He was found guilty in malicious hooliganism. On November 20, 3.5 months before his release from jail, a new action against him was taken for severe disobedience to the prison rules. Mikalai Dziadok faces a new prison term, up to 1 year.

He also has been deprived of a short date with his wife, allegedly for having created a conflict in his cell. It sounds weird, because it was after this conflict that he asked to be moved to a solitary cell, as he didn’t feel safe in the former one. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. Oktober 2014

Ihar Alinevich was put into a isolation cell on his birthday. All in all he had spent there 30 days in a row, allegedly for having refused to clean prison toilets. Recently he was granted a short date with his parents, who informed that he is feeling well and in high spirits. He is up to appealing the unfair punishment.

The amount of debt that Dzmitry Zvan’ko owed was finally paid. Despite of this, the question of amnesty has not been considered yet. In his spare time, he goes in for sports, reads books and learns English. Also, he got a chance to take a large product parcel.

Dzmitry Stsyashenka serves his sentence in the “open prison” and lives in a barracks type of dormitory (for 110 people) and works as a welder. Salary there is very small, but still enough for food. After work, he and all the others are locked in their barracks until the morning. Conditions in the camp, as he said, “basically normal”. No problems arose, as well as violations of the internal regime. His free time Dzmitry spends in the gym, by reading books (from the latest Tony O’Neill – General of the Red Army) and the Internet. Every weekend his girlfriend and friends visit him. Taking into account time spent in a custody pending trial, amnesty, which reduced the period on 1 year, and 4 months held in the camp, 1 year and 10 months is left until the end of the period. In January, possibly, the punishment may be replaced by more soft.

Artsiom Prakapenka have not called or wrote to parents for a long time. “About two weeks there is no news from him”, – says mother of prisoner Violetta Prakapenka. She suggests that his son may be transferred to another colony. Now Artem Prokopenko is in Mogilev colony № 15. Here, after three years of imprisonment, must be transferred another person involved in “Bobruisk case” Jauhen Vas’kovich. “Partners in crime can not be in the same colony, so my son can be transferred to another place”, – suggests Violetta Prakapenka.

Jauhen Vas’kovich, as his mother says, is still in prison in Mogilev. Some days ago she received a letter which was was sent out from prison. “The following letter, as my son wrote, he probably will sent from the colony” – says Rushaniya Vas’kovich.

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. September 2014

Mikalai Dziadok was moved to another cell for 10 people as the former one (where he was doing his time with 2 prisoners only) got reorganised. Right after his birthday (August 23rd) he was put into a punishment cell for 20 days allegedly for not wearing the prison uniform.

Ihar Alinevich works at a lumber production in the new penal colony. On September 24th he turned 31. (more…)

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Поздравьте заключенного с днем рождения! 24 сентября Игорю Олиневичу исполнится 31 год.

images 24 сентября 2014 года Игорю Олиневичу, отбывающему срок уже в колонии “Витьба-3″, исполнится 31 год. Не забудьте поздравить его и напомнить, что здесь его ждут!

Игорь был арестован в ноябре 2010 года и в мае 2011-го был приговорен к 8 годам лишения свободы в колонии усиленного режима. Его, а также Николая Дедка и Александра Францкевича, обвинили в организации шествия у здания Минобороны в Минске, нападении на казино «Шангри Ла» и СИЗО на Окрестина, а также поджоге двери филиала «Беларусбанка».

Вы можете отправить поздравительные открытки и письма Игорю Олиневичу по адресу:
211300, Витебсткая обл, Витебский р-н, п. Витьба, ИК-3, отряд 2, Олиневичу Игорю Владимировичу

Написать письмо онлайн

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Палітвязьню Ігару Аліневічу дазволілі працаваць на дрэваапрацоўцы

olinevich Тыповую для вязьняў з савецкіх часоў працу атрымаў у калёніі «Віцьба-3» палітвязень Ігар Аліневіч, піша Радыё Свабода.

Ягоны бацька Ўладзімер Аліневіч яшчэ дакладна ня ведае, што менавіта робіць ягоны сын, якога ў «Віцьбу-3» перавялі толькі ў ліпені:

«Нешта робіць на дрэваапрацоўцы, але што дакладна, ня ведаю. У нас жа пакуль не было ані доўгатэрміновага, ані кароткага спатканьня. Вось падчас першага ў гэтай калёніі спатканьня распытаем больш падрабязна, што робіць. Пакуль ведаю, што з дрэвам працуе». (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. August 2014

Mikalai Dziadok was transferred to another cell for 10 people for unknown reasons. On August 23 he celebrated his 26th birthday, and dozen of comrades responded to the call of ABC-Belarus to send a video-congratulation. The whole video is available here

Ihar Alinevich reads about GULAG and anxiously follows the events in the Ukraine through all accessible sources. He likes the new penal colony more, as now he can see the nature and breath clean air (the colony in Novopolotsk was infamous for its contamination). Ihar writes he has some problems with his back and joints and even asked for special medicine. (more…)

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Ihar Alinevich: We are witnesses of new epoch

imagesThe most unbelievable things are possible.

Ihar Alinevich reads about GULAG camps in prison and uses all media available for him to watch the events in Ukraine, learnt from Ihar’s mother Valiantsina Alinevich.

– He is in a new correctional facility, Vitba. He was transferred to the general unit from a quarantine unit in July. He sent a couple of letters and a postcard. He doesn’t write much focusing mostly on daily routine. Of course, the atmosphere and feelings are absolutely different in the new jail in comparison to the Navapolatsk correctional facility, which was situated close to oil refineries. They had emissions almost every day. Workers go home after their shift, but prisoners have to breathe in these poisons. This correctional facility was opened 50 years ago. It is good that it was closed.

– Do prisoners here differ? (more…)

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