Belarusian prisoners’ news. June 2014

In the middle of July Artsiom Prokopenko parents will go to him for a long-term meeting. Administration of Mogilev colony allowed them to spend with his son one day, says mother of political prisoner Violetta Prokopenko.

Artsiom Prokopenko feels fine. “He says that all is quiet. Nobody does not touch him”, – says woman.
Soon it will be half of the term (3.5 years from 7 years), as Artsiom Prokopenko spent in colony. For this reason, the authorities can change the sentence and release him from prison earlier. Police even called political prisoner parents in this regard.

“But as Artem said, it is a standard procedure that means nothing”, – says Violetta Prokopenko. Her son does not expect to be released from prison after half of the term, but parents have this hope.

Ihar Alinevich’s book “On the way to Magadan” is published in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Czech and Russian. The Polish version is to be published by the autumn. The penal colony, where Ihar is confined is to be closed by the end of the summer. The prisoners are already awaiting the transfer to other colonies. Ihar asked people to stop writing him for this reason.

The trial of Dzmitry Rezanovich was to have happened on June 24th, but has been postponed for July 3rd for unknown reason. Dzmitry is awaiting deportation in Russia since March 16.

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. May 2014

Mikalai Dziadok is grateful to everyone who support him in prison. “One has to remember: however hard it is for me, there are always people out there who has it even harder. That’s why I try to keep together and don’t feel sorry for myself. I want you to stay strong as well, never lose your optimism, however dark it can be sometimes. Some day the good will win and we will do everything possible for it to happen”, says the imprisoned anarchist.


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Яўгену Васьковічу адправілі дапаможнік па ангельскай мове і беларускія кнігі

23484Вязень магілёўскай турмы — маладзёвы актывіст Яўген Васьковіч сядзіць ў адзіночнай камэры.
«Нібыта напісаў заяву і яго зьмясьцілі ў такую камэру. Можа гэтак і лепш для яго, але ж пагаварыць нават няма зь кім», — непакоіцца маці палітвязьня Рушанія Васьковіч. Жанчына кажа, што сабрала сыну кніжную бандэроль і зьбіраецца сёньня яе адправіць.

«Падкупіла кнігаў ды высылаю яму бандэрольлю. Ёсьць дапаможнік па ангельскай мове, ёсьць і кнігі беларускіх аўтараў, якіх ён любіць. Таксама кніга пра геральдыку, ён вельмі прасіў». (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. March 2014

Mikalai Dziadok is serving his last year in prison; his sentence ends on March 3, 2015. Due to his relatives’ complainst, he has received a better diet which is supposed to cure his stomack illness. As part of the EU program of support of Belarusian political prisoners Mikalai now has a patron for Lithuanian parliament who is supposed to take personal interest in what happens with the prisoner, write him, support his relatives and spread a ‘democratic’ word about the situation. (more…)

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(Русский) Политзаключенный Прокопенко встретится в колонии с родными

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(Русский) Игорь Олиневич: народ vs неосовдеповская гидра

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Родственники Васьковича посетили его в тюрьме

vaskovichМать и бабушка политзаключенного Евгения Васьковича посетили его в тюрьме.

О визите в Могилевскую тюрьму № 4, где отбывает семилетний срок ее сын Евгений, Рушания Васькович рассказывает немногословно.

- Сами понимаете, как проходят такие встречи, через стекло, через трубку, это мешает разговаривать открыто, — говорит Рушания Васькович. - Но Женя все время искренне, от души улыбался, как и в те времена, когда был на свободе. Похудел немного, но он всегда был тонкий, поэтому говорить о большой потере веса не приходится. Естественно, видно, что ему не хватает солнца, витаминов, как любому человеку за решеткой. (more…)

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Игорь Олиневич: Когда пишу, три человека за спиной стоят

imagesПосле выхода книги «Еду в Магадан» в колонии стали следить за тем, что пишет политзаключенный.

Об этом рассказала мать Игоря Олиневича. Во время встречи с ним в новополоцкой колонии она спросила у сына о его отношении к награде премией имени Франтишка Олехновича.

Этой премией за лучшее тюремное произведение, которую основали «Радые Свабода» и белорусский ПЕН-центр, в прошлом году была отмечена книга Игоря Олиневича «Еду в Магадан» . В книге активист описал свой ​​арест в Москве и время, проведенное в тюрьме КГБ в Минске. По словам Валентины Олиневич, сын «был рад, но высказывался, как всегда, сдержанно. Он не считает себя писателем и сказал, что главное для него, чтобы больше людей узнали о том, что происходит в «американке». (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. January 2014

This month there was a few hearings on the case of Brest antifascist Dzmitry Zvanko, but the trial is closed because the complainant claimed he had been threatened on the Internet.

Another antifascist from Brest – Dzmitry Stsyashenka – is accused on another episode, the first hearing was planned on January 24, but it was postponed.

Mikalai Dziadok wrote, that he had received many New Years cards and is grateful to all who supports him. He is very interested in what is happening in the Ukraine and in Rote Flora squat. Recently he has received a small food parcel. Parents also sent him warm closes as his cell is situated on the northern part of the prison and he has to alwas wear cloths, even in the night. (more…)

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От политзаключенного Прокопенко нет писем две недели

20120727_prokopenko_tАртема Прокопенко в колонии держат в информационной блокаде.

Об этом сайту сообщил его отец Анатолий Прокопенко.

«От Артема совершенно нет новостей. Он нам давно не звонил – последний раз недели две назад. Писем он не пишет вообще», – сказал он. (more…)

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